I was teaching about drug addiction in Grade X. One boy asked me a question, 'Sir, I have got a problem. My father usually smokes at home. I requested him several times not to smoke at least at home. But he does not care. How can I solve this problem?' I said, ''OK, you meet me after this class, I teach you the best idea to solve your problem.'

After class, he met me. I gave him a very fantastic answer, 'Do you dare to smoke at home in front of your father?'' He got shocked with my question. 'How can I do that?' 'Don't worry. Your father won't react negatively. If he asked you the reason of smoking, you just tell why not if he can.'

I don't know what happened with him. I think some people can understand only in that way. This article does not teach to smoke. It's only the example of psychological treatment.
Discovered by +Don Prince