One of our friends was very much crazy about telling lies to the people so that he can enjoy making other foolish. Everyday was April Fool Day for him . We just ignored his habit. But one day his lies caused a big loss for us. Then we decided to teach him a good lesson so that he knows why he shouldn't bother others by telling lies.

We all friends except him came to a point that from the that time forward everyone would tell a lie with him. He should get all the time big lies to all of his queries. Really, that irritated and disturbed him badly. We thought now he knew what a lie was in real. This trick magically worked with him and he was found controlling himself with his habit.

Most of the people enjoy making other fool which is nothing except a psychological disorder. Yeah, at least I think so. And this type of habit can be changed either by psychiatric medicine or counseling by a psychiatrist. Or a funny thing like ours also is meaningful in some cases.
Discovered by +Don Prince