Parshuram God, in Hinduism, is regarded as one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Hindu scriptures mention that when Parshuram God became very angry with Kshetries {a caste in Hinduism}, he made a deadly mission to finish all the Khsetries of the world. Then he started killing them one by them regardless they are innocent. Later he stopped it.

It's my personal views that the story about him has been modified a bit by human writers. If a person starts such serial mission influenced by any event, this is not normal. He becomes serial killer. If Parshuram is a God, how can he do such abnormal thing?

As per in my knowledge, the story is totally explained negatively. Parshuram was definitely a God. There is no doubt. It's also true that he made a mission to kill Kshetries. But he didn't have any intention to kill innocents. He punished only arrogant, tyrannical kings and warriors who were extreme for the general people in the society. In the other hand, he had come to this world to finish them. Sounds true? Do comment to share your idea below.
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