Way to Communication through Mind

All the communication devices are going to be worthless. The market of mobiles will go down tremendously. There will be no one to set up phones at home and in offices. Because the people will start communicate with each other through their god gifted mind. Yes, the new technology will give the communication technology a new turn.

These are not my personal opinions. Neither am I researching on it. These are the claims made by the scientists of today. They tell that the world will have such wonderful technology after some years. Even the Discovery Channel has already covered a documentary on it.

I don't know what those American scientists are doing to materialize their dreams. After all, I claim that there is only one way to communicate through mind, and it is not other than the research on Telepathy. The study of Telepathy  can surely hit the target. It is my belief. The reason is that Telepathy is directly related to our mind with others. Let's see what happens in future.
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Difference Between Ram and Krishna

Some people believe that Ram and Krishna are same. The belief is totally dependent on the theory of 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is deeply believed to have 10 incarnations on the earth. Ram is one of them. Krishna is also one of them. Krishna came to the earth after Ram. As Krishna is also one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, People think that Krishna and Ram are same. But I think Ram and Krishna are not same. They are different with the following ways:
1. Ram is superior than Krishna because Ram came before Krishna.
2. Ram can be God of Krishna.
3. Ram and Krishna are physically different personalities.

There are similarities too. See the points below:
1. Both are incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
2. They are spiritually same personalities.

Assume Lord Ram as a rose flower. Lord Krishna is another rose. Both are same because both are rose. However, they are two not one. And Lord Vishnu is the flower. So Ram and Krishna are same only in spiritual point of views.

Let’s recall the story of Ram and Parashuram for instance. Unlike Ram and Krishna, Parashuram is also one of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. When Ram breaks the archer in the palace of King Janak, Parashuram arrives and creates fearful environment in anger. Then Ram politely says to Parashuram, ‘’My lord, I am only Ram but you are Parashuram. You are greater than me.’’ Then after, Parashuram calms his mind and goes from there. This story has clear interpretation that the incarnations are physically different but spiritually same.

Disclaimer: This is my personal belief. This article doesn't fight with the beliefs of religious scriptures. If you oppose my statements, let's comment and start a conversation to broaden our knowledge regarding the topic.
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About Job and Salary of Ethical Hackers

Most of you know how ethical hackers earn. However, I am writing this article to disclose some other ways to earn living through ethical hacking. In my opinion, ethical hackers can make money by knocking at three types of economic doors. They are listed below:

1. Employment: Skilled ethical hackers can earn good salary by doing part time or full time job at government and non government offices.
2. Self Employment: Ethical hackers can create own website and  share their knowledge to get maximum income. You know how a website makes money. It's by different ways like contextual ads, affiliation, etc.
3. Free Service: Ethical Hackers can find out the security vulnerabilities in other sites and inform them through email and other medias. In this way they may get reward by the website owners. The popular site like Facebook gives large amount of money for this type of service.

Obviously, there are many other ways to earn through ethical hacking. If you have got any other ways like mentioned above, you can share your ideas through the comment form below.
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How to Recognize Google Sites?

Google owns numerous sites on the internet. Almost all the internet entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly connected with Google. It's not difficult to recognize the sites of Google. However, its a bit tricky if the site has been purchased by Google from third party. YouTube and Bloggers are the two examples.

There are many ways to recognize Google sites. Some of them are reading the about page of sites, checking in Wikipedia, searching in forums and so on. But these are the lengthy ways and you know people are in a hurry in the internet. So the shortcut is to log in any one site of Google like Gmail, Blogger, etc. Thereafter open another tab and type the URL of the new site. If it belongs to Google, you are automatically signed in there. Have a fun.
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Mantra: the Power of Word

The word which people say a Mantra, I call it the word of power if it is really working like supernatural power. Yes, some words work powerfully in our life. It works how power of wishes work. It works how your subconscious mind works.

Your words will be more powerful if it is pronounced aloud. Just remember how effective it is to read aloud than to read in sleeve. If you pronounce a word definitely it stores into your subconscious mind more certainly. Similarly, if you pray God with sound, there will be certainly difference in the power of prayers upon you.

National Discovery does not promote superstitious beliefs. If there is really the thing like Mantra, it must be the power of word which is one of the part of Psychology. Hope you get some ideas about Mantra in this article.
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Dealing With Smokers

I was teaching about drug addiction in Grade X. One boy asked me a question, 'Sir, I have got a problem. My father usually smokes at home. I requested him several times not to smoke at least at home. But he does not care. How can I solve this problem?' I said, ''OK, you meet me after this class, I teach you the best idea to solve your problem.'

After class, he met me. I gave him a very fantastic answer, 'Do you dare to smoke at home in front of your father?'' He got shocked with my question. 'How can I do that?' 'Don't worry. Your father won't react negatively. If he asked you the reason of smoking, you just tell why not if he can.'

I don't know what happened with him. I think some people can understand only in that way. This article does not teach to smoke. It's only the example of psychological treatment.
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10 Amazing Facts About Dream

1. Dream can give signal about future events.
2. It may alert us of the incomplete tasks in our life.
3. It represents our actual physical and mental condition.
4. It fulfills our unknown and unfulfilled desires.
5. It can give us hints about some secrets.
6. It helps to solve our problems.
7. It can create new creation for us.
8. It may make us depressed.
9. It can make us happy.
10. It can indicate certain psychological disorders.
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A Psychological Way to Have a Sharp Mind

Some students stand first in examination and they are able to maintain their position throughout their school life. In the other hand some of them are poor and they become poorer every year till they give up study. But why? Have you ever thought about the real cause behind it?

I don't think intelligent students are intelligent forever and so the dull  minds are. Let's take example of the Great Poet Kalidas. He was very foolish in the beginning period. But he became genius later. Even the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton is believed to be absent minded. There are many examples in the world which tell you by shouting that dull minds are not dull forever.

If you are a teacher and you believe A is brilliant in your subject and you treat like that with him, then he will be proved to be brilliant for you. Similarly if you think B is dull, he will remain poor in your subject even though he is one of the good students of the class. This is the reason the position of the students change when they migrate from one place to another.

What is the psychological cause behind it? When you treat anyone as a brilliant, his subconscious mind works accordingly and he will remain really brilliant. Oppositely, if you treat anyone as a dull man, he will   remain dull at least in front of you.

Kalidas was so foolish that he used to cut the branch of tree by sitting on it, later he believed to have blessed by Goddess Kali to be genius. His strong belief made him really brilliant. So if anyone is to be sharp with mind, first he should confirm his own mind that he is genius.
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Sun Rays Ensure Long Life

Summer has begun. It's extremely hot in Terai region of Nepal. Are you worried about the sunny days? If you are, then don't worry. The heat of sun will helps you to increase your life span. The researchers of the University of Edinburgh have concluded it after their latest research.

The researchers say that the rays of the sun decrease the chance of heart attack controlling the blood pressure, thus, increase the possibility of long life. It also prevents the body from skin cancer as it controls of blood pressure.

According to a report published in Kantipur Daily, when the skin gets the rays of sun, nitric oxide emerges which helps to reduce blood pressure. Anyway the hot season is good luck for at least the patient of blood pressure.
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Meaning of Love in Dream

What is the meaning of love with an unknown girl in dream? The question seems very common. But its answer is quite outstanding. The reason is that our dream has different meanings for different persons depending on their personal lives and feelings. A cat in dream can represent different meaning for two persons who loves and hates a cat. So, if any sites in the internet claims to have complete interpretation of dreams than I really salute it.

If you see a girl or a boy loving you in your recurring dream, it has different meanings. Consider the following things to interpret your dream:
- There is someone in your life whom you don't know.
- You are feeling lonely.
- You are frustrated with the life, however, you hope for your future.
- You are in such a condition where every one is against you.
- You are betrayed many times in life.

I think dream is still a mysterious chapter in Psychology. Do you have any idea regarding this topic? Feel free to share your problem or experience on dream through comments.
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A Reference to Parshuram God

Parshuram God, in Hinduism, is regarded as one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Hindu scriptures mention that when Parshuram God became very angry with Kshetries {a caste in Hinduism}, he made a deadly mission to finish all the Khsetries of the world. Then he started killing them one by them regardless they are innocent. Later he stopped it.

It's my personal views that the story about him has been modified a bit by human writers. If a person starts such serial mission influenced by any event, this is not normal. He becomes serial killer. If Parshuram is a God, how can he do such abnormal thing?

As per in my knowledge, the story is totally explained negatively. Parshuram was definitely a God. There is no doubt. It's also true that he made a mission to kill Kshetries. But he didn't have any intention to kill innocents. He punished only arrogant, tyrannical kings and warriors who were extreme for the general people in the society. In the other hand, he had come to this world to finish them. Sounds true? Do comment to share your idea below.
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Dealing With Liars

One of our friends was very much crazy about telling lies to the people so that he can enjoy making other foolish. Everyday was April Fool Day for him . We just ignored his habit. But one day his lies caused a big loss for us. Then we decided to teach him a good lesson so that he knows why he shouldn't bother others by telling lies.

We all friends except him came to a point that from the that time forward everyone would tell a lie with him. He should get all the time big lies to all of his queries. Really, that irritated and disturbed him badly. We thought now he knew what a lie was in real. This trick magically worked with him and he was found controlling himself with his habit.

Most of the people enjoy making other fool which is nothing except a psychological disorder. Yeah, at least I think so. And this type of habit can be changed either by psychiatric medicine or counseling by a psychiatrist. Or a funny thing like ours also is meaningful in some cases.
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The Psychological Way of Controlling Son

You wonder I made such a funny topic for this article. By the way I noticed Google sending some people into this site who are coming with such ridiculous search keyword. But I don't think it is funny. I think it is the problem of some people staying somewhere in this world. As the problem is somewhat related to psychology, I am giving solution of this problem with psychological point of views.

There are many ways to control people who are anyone like your son, daughter, brother, father, mother, friend, boss, employee and so on. There are really many ideas in psychology. If I float all of those ideas here, you may feel overwhelmed. So I am selecting one of the ways which you can learn in the matter of minutes. Now lets not make this article sick with unnecessary background. Simply follow the instruction given below:
Download Subliminal Message Software with the help of Google Search and install the message in the commuter, mobile or lap top of your target. The message should be enough to motivate. In this way whenever your target will open those electronic devices, the hidden subliminal message will enter into his sub conscious mind. After some days you may find your target being controlled by you.

Disclaimer: This article is only for educational purpose. I am not responsible for any harm caused by the tactic given. I also recommend you to read my previous article How to Control People with Your Mind? for further information.
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