Have you ever been kicked by someone on the bed while dreaming? If not, at least you may have heard such type of sad events happening with other. Why does it happen? What is the scientific reason behind it? Read more to know the answer.

Traditional science of dream says that a person goes through five sleep stages when he starts sleeping. These stages are light sleep, slightly deep sleep, deep sleep, deeper sleep and deepest sleep {These stages are renamed by me through this article to explain and remember easily, see Wikipedia for further information}. The fifth stage of sleep is called REM sleep. In REM sleep our brain activity increases at the same level as we are awake. But our whole body is paralyzed due to the release of glycine by the brain stem onto the motoneurons. HowStuffWorks says this is the way of nature to make sure we aren't acting out our dreams.

Yes, I agree this is the way of nature. After all, this is exceptional in some cases with some people that they act out their dreams. As a result we find them walking, talking and even kicking while dreaming.
Discovered by +Don Prince