Did anyone discover hell? Where is it located? How far is it from the earth? Some people say the earth where we are living is the real hell. Is that true? Unlimited questions take birth in my mind when someone talks about hell with me. I thought it's pretty a good idea to write about the discovery of hell.

First and foremost, let the thought lay down on the spot that I do really believe on the hell. Because I believe on God. If I believe on God, I must believe on heaven. If I believe on heaven, I must agree that there is existence of hell in the universe. But why is it isolated from the world? Who cares hell? People are searching heaven not the painful reality world like hell which reminds them their curse and crimes.

Sounds superstitious? I promise, I am not made with a conservative mind. And I know you believe I am a well educated person. Yeah, educated all of you are. But the most considerable thing is that some  people are superstitious with ignorance whereas some are blind with underestimation. But it's my claim that a person who believes God must believe on hell too. Yeah, I remember many believe on God regardless of they are English, Chinese, Nepalese, Indian and also they are scientists, writers, lawyers and so on.

I say all of the things which are existed in the universe surely have their names. Moreover, the things which have names must have been existed somewhere in or out of the universe. If there is no hell, where did the word hell come from? Why do the people from north poll to south poll know the word hell? And surely the word hell has different names in different language.

My discovery on hell is still going on. If you like to add any new concept, you can start conversation with your valuable comments below.
Discovered by +Don Prince