Time is like the track of trains. Once train goes ahead, it does  not turn back. Neither does it stop on its way. Let us integrate this fact with our Time Machine. It sounds that it is not possible to go back to our past. Neither can it be possible to make Time Machine. But what about if we link the track of trains with the previous tracks by making its branches? If it is so, it is possible that we can reach our past or future.

This is not my opinion. It's the idea of Stephen Hawking who is currently researching on Time Machine. Is it possible? I mean is it intelligence to dedicate time on the research on Time Machine? I think you remember, I have already written a famous article about it. Let's assume this second article as the second  part of this series.

I told in my previous article ''Is Time Machine Possible?'' that actually our mind can reach past or future not our body. But the another question is that is there existence of past? Is future world existed? At least I think so. Our future world and past world are really existed as our present world. But there is down to the earth difference between our present world with that of past or future world. Think that future world is a film script written by someone where we are the actors who are supposed to act out in the right time and place. But our present is in front of our eyes. Similarly our past is an already acted or released movie. I personally believe that we can edit or even delete our past if we are able to reach there.
Discovered by +Don Prince