Man gets same fruits as he sow the seeds. If you give someone today, you will be given by someone tomorrow. If you slap someone today, you will be slapped by someone tomorrow. This is the law of nature made by God. In fact,, happiness and unhappiness depends upon the works done by us. If we do well today, tomorrow we will see a good day. But if we do wring today, we will get a bad day tomorrow. Happiness and unhappiness also depends on the heart of the people. If a man reserves a small heart , he has to stay unhappy. If a man has good and great heart, he will stay happy in life. The man who feeds other should never be hungry because God himself is worried about his hunger. Our heart is only the place where God fills many things. That is why great heart gets mroe and small hart gets less.

Desire is the main cause of unhappiness. If we ends our desire, unhappiness ends with it. The desire is never ending. The more a man gets, the more will he need. This is the reason man is unhappy. Indeed, a  man always compares himself with high profile people. So he is unhappy. If a man starts comparing his life with the people who are lower than him, he will definitely stay happy and satisfied with his life. When he is satisfied his desire will end and he feels happy. But it doesn't  meant that a man should not have great ambition. Definitely, he should struggle to materialize his dream in life. But if he is not successful , then he shouldn't be disappointed. He should be satisfied with the achievements given by God comparing them with the achievements of low profile people. He should understand the actual ambition of human life, i.e., to be a good  man and live the life with love and peace which will lead him to get God and his heaven from where he should never come back to this painful world.
Discovered by +Don Prince