Yesterday I watched the movie 'Ted' which narrated the story of  power of wishes. It told right in the beginning that there was really a time of magic in the world. In course of time, magic disappeared from the world. It gave me a plot to write this article because I, from my childhood, believe that there was really magic in the world. Our religions scriptures also represent the same fact.

But there are some unanswered questions. How was the magic disappeared from the world? What caused people loose their supernatural power? Can we restore those powers? Let me clarify it with some illustrations.

People in the past could walk miles and miles for months. They did not have any problem. But today a bit long distance can cause problems. Similarly, people in the past could calculate hard to harder mathematical terms but people of today must need modern devices to solve them. Moreover, people in the past lived long life but the life of today is short like a Hollywood movie. Why? Because we are dependent on science and technology.

Yes, it is true that after the emergence of artificial power via science and technology, we forgot to continue our natural power. In due course of time, we forgot our magic power completely. Because we left practice. I personally believe that we can restore our powers if we do practice with belief and wish.
Discovered by +Don Prince