I have brought a good news for those scientists who assume rebirth as a case nothing more than a effect of psychological disorder namely Personality Disorder. Yes, some scientists in western do not believe in rebirth. They take it a type of psychological disorder. But how does the person in personality disorder tell each and everything about the past events? If scientists are asked this type of question, there answer will be like this: 'The research is going on'. After all, let me tell my opinion on your curiosity.  Although, I individually believe on rebirth, I am going to support the psychological point of views towards rebirth only for refreshment.

Actually the person who can tell the events of previous birth is unknowingly triggered by his subconscious  mind. Yes, his subconscious mind tells him everything. Now, you may ask another question, i.e., How does subconscious mind know it? The answer is simple. It's because subconscious mind was existed in the universe even before we were born.

This is the reason some people in spirit personality know the secret matters and then they can expose later. Subconscious mind is so intelligent that it can also give a hits to the future. That's why some people feel events of future.
Discovered by +Don Prince