Some people mistakenly think that Indrajal and hypnosis are similar. But there is really vast difference between them. Indrajal is a  kind of worthless book depicted in Hindi language. But Hypnosis is a psychological art. Doing comparison between Indrajal and Hypnosis is nothing more than a ridiculous as well as childish act.

The main point where the people become confuse is that both Indrajal and Hypnosis do almost same work. For example, if Indrajal deals with the mantras for Vashikaran {controlling people without their wishes}, Hypnosis is also one of the sciences to control the mind of people. Moreover, there is very funny difference again. Hypnosis really does control the people whereas Indrajal only helps to waste time and money. If you find Indrajal working somewhere, it's not other than the power of Hypnosis.
Discovered by +Don Prince