It was 11 PM dark night. Bimala Rai, a 28 years old lady was sleeping soundly. Suddenly two mysterious hands grabbed her neck. She screamed loudly enough to be alert Torna Limbu, one of her neighbor. Then Mr. Limbu saved her. Bimala Rai told that she had been attacked by a thing like a black cat. It happened with her son too.

Chhatra Bahadur Rayamajhi, a 58 years old man also faced the same situation. It was just 7:30 PM. He was lying on the bed. An unseen power started to irritate him. Finally 2 hands appeared. Mr. Rayamajhi struggled with it. But the hands went inside his mouth. When he screamed for help, some villagers came and save him.

These two events are only examples of serial attacks taken place at Bange, Mahendranagar of Sunsari district in Nepal. The amazing thing is that thousands of people have been attacked by this unknown power like. Now this event has caused psychological problem in the village. Thousands of villagers are staying together at every night. However, they are attacked and then they are running here and there whole night.

According to Mr. Bedraj Poudel, a news reporter of Kantipur Daily, a witch doctor had been brought from Dharan. The witchdoctor made the unseen power speak through the body of Bimala Rai. The unseen power told that he had been killed in that place. Now he wants to take a good spirit from there.

There are many mysterious things in the world which are still puzzle in science. People feel being controlled by unknown power around them. It becomes very complicated when thousand of people are attacked at the same time and same place.

National Discovery does not promote superstition. It splits the superstition. But what to say about such mysterious ghost attacks taken place in Nepal.
I personally estimate that it's all the effect of conversion disorder where not a person only but a mass of people behave strangely in illusion. The interesting part is that it is like an epidemic which spread from one person to another. If you like to read more about it, you can read my previous article Is Spirit Real?

Remember that I don't completely think that these types of events are only the result of psychological problems. My research is still going on.