Do NDC Discoverers believe on Tantra and Mantra? This question is the part of another article. So I am not going to discuss here about it. In this article, I am just trying to differentiate between Tantra and Mantra depending on the belief of people in the society. And of course, I give my own views at the end.

Tantra, according to the traditional belief, is an extraordinary magic triggered by some definite procedures by using related objects. For example: Performing a specific type of worship by collecting religious or spiritual objects to achieve some goals. Oppositely, Mantra is an extraordinary combination of powerful words to perform magic or miracles. For example: Uttering some words, phrases or sentences learned from religious preceptor to target any goal.

Now let us know what I think about Tantra and Mantra. In my opinion, Tantra is possibly a chapter of Science and Mantra is that of Psychology. So, in short and sweet language, the difference between Tantra and Mantra is that Tantra is scientific whereas Mantra is psychological.
Discovered by +Don Prince