1. Check your admit card and other necessary tools.
2. Reach 30 minutes before the exam starts.
3. Have a breakfast.
4. Go for short before entering exam hall.
5. Do not wear costumes with too many pockets.
6. Double check your symbol number and registration number.
7. Read all questions serially.
8. Write the question answer you have most confident upon.
9. Give priority to the easy questions.
10. Tick the questions solved.
11. Don't solve the questions serially.
12. Don't copy the questions.
13. Don't care who is copying you.
14. Do not make new friends.
15. Don't waste time by talking, asking and answering.
16. Understand the question properly before writing answer.
17. Do not use red pen.
18. Do not solve guaranteed questions like map, time line, etc.
19. Do not look at who is coming to your room.
20. Do not quarrel with anybody.
21. Do not try to finish first among others.
22. Do not take electronic device.
23. Don't repeat question answer.
24. Do not repeat logic and idea.
25. Make gap between two question answers.
26. Do rough at the side of the answer sheet.
27. Repeat the same answer if the question is repeated in question paper.
28. Correct miner mistakes yourself.
29. Check the numbers of questions properly.
30. Do not separate answer from one page to the last page.
31. Do not drop the question if it is wrong.
32. Check your watch time to time.
33. Don not write questions.
34. Don't drop exam.
35. Do not leave exam for party and dating.
36. Leave margin.
37. Go for short after half time of your exam.
38. Do not take intoxicated substances.
39. Do not think about your problem.
40. Complain to the office if someone disturbs you.
41. Do not leave the exam hall before the time.
42. Be in happy and cheerful mood.
43. Do not care what others are doing.
44. Do not write stupid answers.
45. Do not read the answer just after finishing it.
46. Do not do over writing.
47. Arrange your papers properly before you stitch it.
48. Do not take books, magazines, hard cover, etc to support your answer sheet.
49. Recheck the question paper to make sure no question is missing.
50. Recheck the answer sheet to make sure no answer is missing.
51. Do not tear answer paper to show your anger.
52. Do not quarrel with invigilator.
53. Use the power of general knowledge with your answer.
54. Use the power of logic in answer.
55. Try to answer all questions in points.
56. Do not forget to keep handkerchief.
57. Do not write anything on any parts of your body.
58. Do not pay attention at gossiping.
59. Use your experience while answering.
60. Relate current affairs and new changes in your answers.
61. Do not do abnormal activities.
62. Consult at office if you have any problem.
63. Check the starting time of exam.
64. Copy the question of objectives questions.
65. Be neither nervous nor over confident.
66. Do not start sense of humor.
67. Use seasonal dress.
68. Have another pen for back up.
69. Use comfortable dress.
70. Write standard answer.
71. Use language correctly.
72. Do not use irritating pen.
73. Make writing eligible and clear.
74. Do not drink too much water.
75. Do not try to cheat.
76. Do not take exam too seriously.
77. Do not forget to do attendance.
78. Get signed by invigilator if you are changing your ink.
79. Write +1 if you ad additional pages.
80. Do not write your name anywhere if you are using symbol number.
81. Do not beg by writing requests.
82. If questions are in dual languages, follow the language your are taught in class.
83. Do not write political, social and religious controversies.
84. Do not jump from A group to another without completing.
85. Describe your points.
86. Use different synonyms.
87. Use same style of hand witting.
88. Attach the documents like maps, graphs, etc at the last page.
89. Do not use dual languages.
90. Attempt all questions.
91. Make sure your papers are stitched.
92. Do not make plans with friends.
93. Check the sign and stamp by the authority.
94. Recheck answers after finishing all.
95. Discuss the answers out of the exam center.
96. Guess your result at home.
97. Forget what happened.
98. Prepare for another exam.
99. Tell everyone you are doing well.
100. Do not be frustrated.
101. Have a sound sleep before going for another exam.

Best of Luck.
Discovered by +Don Prince