How Did He Know Past?

I have brought a good news for those scientists who assume rebirth as a case nothing more than a effect of psychological disorder namely Personality Disorder. Yes, some scientists in western do not believe in rebirth. They take it a type of psychological disorder. But how does the person in personality disorder tell each and everything about the past events? If scientists are asked this type of question, there answer will be like this: 'The research is going on'. After all, let me tell my opinion on your curiosity.  Although, I individually believe on rebirth, I am going to support the psychological point of views towards rebirth only for refreshment.

Actually the person who can tell the events of previous birth is unknowingly triggered by his subconscious  mind. Yes, his subconscious mind tells him everything. Now, you may ask another question, i.e., How does subconscious mind know it? The answer is simple. It's because subconscious mind was existed in the universe even before we were born.

This is the reason some people in spirit personality know the secret matters and then they can expose later. Subconscious mind is so intelligent that it can also give a hits to the future. That's why some people feel events of future.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Is Future World Existed?

Time is like the track of trains. Once train goes ahead, it does  not turn back. Neither does it stop on its way. Let us integrate this fact with our Time Machine. It sounds that it is not possible to go back to our past. Neither can it be possible to make Time Machine. But what about if we link the track of trains with the previous tracks by making its branches? If it is so, it is possible that we can reach our past or future.

This is not my opinion. It's the idea of Stephen Hawking who is currently researching on Time Machine. Is it possible? I mean is it intelligence to dedicate time on the research on Time Machine? I think you remember, I have already written a famous article about it. Let's assume this second article as the second  part of this series.

I told in my previous article ''Is Time Machine Possible?'' that actually our mind can reach past or future not our body. But the another question is that is there existence of past? Is future world existed? At least I think so. Our future world and past world are really existed as our present world. But there is down to the earth difference between our present world with that of past or future world. Think that future world is a film script written by someone where we are the actors who are supposed to act out in the right time and place. But our present is in front of our eyes. Similarly our past is an already acted or released movie. I personally believe that we can edit or even delete our past if we are able to reach there.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Ghost Attacked People in Nepal

It was 11 PM dark night. Bimala Rai, a 28 years old lady was sleeping soundly. Suddenly two mysterious hands grabbed her neck. She screamed loudly enough to be alert Torna Limbu, one of her neighbor. Then Mr. Limbu saved her. Bimala Rai told that she had been attacked by a thing like a black cat. It happened with her son too.

Chhatra Bahadur Rayamajhi, a 58 years old man also faced the same situation. It was just 7:30 PM. He was lying on the bed. An unseen power started to irritate him. Finally 2 hands appeared. Mr. Rayamajhi struggled with it. But the hands went inside his mouth. When he screamed for help, some villagers came and save him.

These two events are only examples of serial attacks taken place at Bange, Mahendranagar of Sunsari district in Nepal. The amazing thing is that thousands of people have been attacked by this unknown power like. Now this event has caused psychological problem in the village. Thousands of villagers are staying together at every night. However, they are attacked and then they are running here and there whole night.

According to Mr. Bedraj Poudel, a news reporter of Kantipur Daily, a witch doctor had been brought from Dharan. The witchdoctor made the unseen power speak through the body of Bimala Rai. The unseen power told that he had been killed in that place. Now he wants to take a good spirit from there.

There are many mysterious things in the world which are still puzzle in science. People feel being controlled by unknown power around them. It becomes very complicated when thousand of people are attacked at the same time and same place.

National Discovery does not promote superstition. It splits the superstition. But what to say about such mysterious ghost attacks taken place in Nepal.
I personally estimate that it's all the effect of conversion disorder where not a person only but a mass of people behave strangely in illusion. The interesting part is that it is like an epidemic which spread from one person to another. If you like to read more about it, you can read my previous article Is Spirit Real?

Remember that I don't completely think that these types of events are only the result of psychological problems. My research is still going on.

How Magic Disappeared From the World?

Yesterday I watched the movie 'Ted' which narrated the story of  power of wishes. It told right in the beginning that there was really a time of magic in the world. In course of time, magic disappeared from the world. It gave me a plot to write this article because I, from my childhood, believe that there was really magic in the world. Our religions scriptures also represent the same fact.

But there are some unanswered questions. How was the magic disappeared from the world? What caused people loose their supernatural power? Can we restore those powers? Let me clarify it with some illustrations.

People in the past could walk miles and miles for months. They did not have any problem. But today a bit long distance can cause problems. Similarly, people in the past could calculate hard to harder mathematical terms but people of today must need modern devices to solve them. Moreover, people in the past lived long life but the life of today is short like a Hollywood movie. Why? Because we are dependent on science and technology.

Yes, it is true that after the emergence of artificial power via science and technology, we forgot to continue our natural power. In due course of time, we forgot our magic power completely. Because we left practice. I personally believe that we can restore our powers if we do practice with belief and wish.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Hindi Indrajal and Hypnosis

Some people mistakenly think that Indrajal and hypnosis are similar. But there is really vast difference between them. Indrajal is a  kind of worthless book depicted in Hindi language. But Hypnosis is a psychological art. Doing comparison between Indrajal and Hypnosis is nothing more than a ridiculous as well as childish act.

The main point where the people become confuse is that both Indrajal and Hypnosis do almost same work. For example, if Indrajal deals with the mantras for Vashikaran {controlling people without their wishes}, Hypnosis is also one of the sciences to control the mind of people. Moreover, there is very funny difference again. Hypnosis really does control the people whereas Indrajal only helps to waste time and money. If you find Indrajal working somewhere, it's not other than the power of Hypnosis.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

How to Remain Happy in Life?

Man gets same fruits as he sow the seeds. If you give someone today, you will be given by someone tomorrow. If you slap someone today, you will be slapped by someone tomorrow. This is the law of nature made by God. In fact,, happiness and unhappiness depends upon the works done by us. If we do well today, tomorrow we will see a good day. But if we do wring today, we will get a bad day tomorrow. Happiness and unhappiness also depends on the heart of the people. If a man reserves a small heart , he has to stay unhappy. If a man has good and great heart, he will stay happy in life. The man who feeds other should never be hungry because God himself is worried about his hunger. Our heart is only the place where God fills many things. That is why great heart gets mroe and small hart gets less.

Desire is the main cause of unhappiness. If we ends our desire, unhappiness ends with it. The desire is never ending. The more a man gets, the more will he need. This is the reason man is unhappy. Indeed, a  man always compares himself with high profile people. So he is unhappy. If a man starts comparing his life with the people who are lower than him, he will definitely stay happy and satisfied with his life. When he is satisfied his desire will end and he feels happy. But it doesn't  meant that a man should not have great ambition. Definitely, he should struggle to materialize his dream in life. But if he is not successful , then he shouldn't be disappointed. He should be satisfied with the achievements given by God comparing them with the achievements of low profile people. He should understand the actual ambition of human life, i.e., to be a good  man and live the life with love and peace which will lead him to get God and his heaven from where he should never come back to this painful world.
Discovered by +Don Prince

101 Final Exam Tips

1. Check your admit card and other necessary tools.
2. Reach 30 minutes before the exam starts.
3. Have a breakfast.
4. Go for short before entering exam hall.
5. Do not wear costumes with too many pockets.
6. Double check your symbol number and registration number.
7. Read all questions serially.
8. Write the question answer you have most confident upon.
9. Give priority to the easy questions.
10. Tick the questions solved.
11. Don't solve the questions serially.
12. Don't copy the questions.
13. Don't care who is copying you.
14. Do not make new friends.
15. Don't waste time by talking, asking and answering.
16. Understand the question properly before writing answer.
17. Do not use red pen.
18. Do not solve guaranteed questions like map, time line, etc.
19. Do not look at who is coming to your room.
20. Do not quarrel with anybody.
21. Do not try to finish first among others.
22. Do not take electronic device.
23. Don't repeat question answer.
24. Do not repeat logic and idea.
25. Make gap between two question answers.
26. Do rough at the side of the answer sheet.
27. Repeat the same answer if the question is repeated in question paper.
28. Correct miner mistakes yourself.
29. Check the numbers of questions properly.
30. Do not separate answer from one page to the last page.
31. Do not drop the question if it is wrong.
32. Check your watch time to time.
33. Don not write questions.
34. Don't drop exam.
35. Do not leave exam for party and dating.
36. Leave margin.
37. Go for short after half time of your exam.
38. Do not take intoxicated substances.
39. Do not think about your problem.
40. Complain to the office if someone disturbs you.
41. Do not leave the exam hall before the time.
42. Be in happy and cheerful mood.
43. Do not care what others are doing.
44. Do not write stupid answers.
45. Do not read the answer just after finishing it.
46. Do not do over writing.
47. Arrange your papers properly before you stitch it.
48. Do not take books, magazines, hard cover, etc to support your answer sheet.
49. Recheck the question paper to make sure no question is missing.
50. Recheck the answer sheet to make sure no answer is missing.
51. Do not tear answer paper to show your anger.
52. Do not quarrel with invigilator.
53. Use the power of general knowledge with your answer.
54. Use the power of logic in answer.
55. Try to answer all questions in points.
56. Do not forget to keep handkerchief.
57. Do not write anything on any parts of your body.
58. Do not pay attention at gossiping.
59. Use your experience while answering.
60. Relate current affairs and new changes in your answers.
61. Do not do abnormal activities.
62. Consult at office if you have any problem.
63. Check the starting time of exam.
64. Copy the question of objectives questions.
65. Be neither nervous nor over confident.
66. Do not start sense of humor.
67. Use seasonal dress.
68. Have another pen for back up.
69. Use comfortable dress.
70. Write standard answer.
71. Use language correctly.
72. Do not use irritating pen.
73. Make writing eligible and clear.
74. Do not drink too much water.
75. Do not try to cheat.
76. Do not take exam too seriously.
77. Do not forget to do attendance.
78. Get signed by invigilator if you are changing your ink.
79. Write +1 if you ad additional pages.
80. Do not write your name anywhere if you are using symbol number.
81. Do not beg by writing requests.
82. If questions are in dual languages, follow the language your are taught in class.
83. Do not write political, social and religious controversies.
84. Do not jump from A group to another without completing.
85. Describe your points.
86. Use different synonyms.
87. Use same style of hand witting.
88. Attach the documents like maps, graphs, etc at the last page.
89. Do not use dual languages.
90. Attempt all questions.
91. Make sure your papers are stitched.
92. Do not make plans with friends.
93. Check the sign and stamp by the authority.
94. Recheck answers after finishing all.
95. Discuss the answers out of the exam center.
96. Guess your result at home.
97. Forget what happened.
98. Prepare for another exam.
99. Tell everyone you are doing well.
100. Do not be frustrated.
101. Have a sound sleep before going for another exam.

Best of Luck.
Discovered by +Don Prince

New Teaching Techniques

‘What do you want to do now?’ I asked senior students in a proxy class. I gave them three options, i.e., ask me curiosity, hold a quiz contest and take a rest. They liked to chose to take a rest. Then I asked all of them a funny question, ‘Why do students choose entertainment or rest instead of study?' They gave some childish answers. Ultimately I told them, ‘It’s because they think learning is obligation. It’s because all the time their teachers and parents force them to learn. So learning is not a part of entertainment for them’.

One of my poor students told me one day, ‘Sir I don't like to come to school because all of my friends and teachers dominate me saying dull guy. I think, I am leaving study’. I told him, ‘Don't worry, just labor hard, you can beat your friends if you read more than them’. ‘No, I can’t’. ‘Why?’ ‘Because I can’t remember what I learn’. ‘OK how many movies have you watched till now?’ ‘Many.’ ‘Do you remember all those stories?’ ‘Yes, most of them’. ‘Then how can you say that you can’t remember? Take learning interesting as those of movies, you can definitely remember’.

Students can’t learn well till they think learning is obligation. Learning is not obligation. Learning is entertainment. There are hundred and perhaps thousands of teaching methodologies discovered in the world that prove that learning is entertainment. However, some parents and teachers still scold, punish and force children to learn which in the long term teaches students that learning is just the antonym of entertainment. As a result students think study is complex and it's  nothing more than burden of their life.

After researching some institutions for about three years, I discovered some entertaining new teaching techniques which are listed and explained below:

Games Theory
Most of the children are crazy about games. The learning process is very attractive for them if the lessons are taught through games. See some examples of games on learning:
1. Cricket: Some pieces of papers consisting of at least one problem will be given to a group whereas the solution pieces are distributed among the next group. When a problem is read by a student the student having solution of that problem should stand and read the solution. If it is correct the teacher gives score secretly without exposing. After saying all the problems now it is turn of another group for batting by with solutions.
2. Musical Chair: The students learn some points related to the chapter. Now both groups pass a pen to another by saying one of the points. Then the other students should say the point serial wise. In this process whoever hesitates to say will be out and his group gets -5. Now again this process is continued. Remaining last person gets +10 and his group wins.
3. Badminton: A question related to the lesson will be written on the board. Then the students turn by turn answer the questions point wise. Which group hesitates will get -1.

TFT Theory
The full form of TFT is tit for tat. You may have been teaching kids about the spelling and meaning of apple. What about if you show them an apple, tell it as apple and let them eat, and finally ask them what they are eating. This type of theory is TFT theory.
See some examples:
1. Election: If you are going to teach about election. Declare an election in the class. Let the children hold it.
2. General assembly: Convert the class into general assembly. Make the students representatives and see how they do it.

Observational Theory
This theory lets students learn by direct observing whatever they are going to learn. Educational tour, Using multimedia, etc come under this category.

Sharing theory
In this theory students learn by sharing their experience, culture and real events.

Attentive Theory
In this theory the programs like quiz, debate, speech etc are declared. Then teacher starts explaining chapter. After explanation the program will be held.

Motivational Theory
In this theory the students are motivated to do self study. They are given some tasks that motivate them to learn. See examples:
1. Teaching class: tell the students to be prepared to teach their own class on a topic. Then they collect information for teaching friends.
2. Drama: a topic for a drama will be given to the students. Then will make a group and prepare a drama and act it out.

Happy Teaching!
Discovered by +Don Prince

Why Do People Commit Sin?

World is so amazing. Let's not talk about the man, even God should change his rule here. Why are people so selfish? Why are they so bad? There must be a cause that makes them stand out of the religion.

The reason sin is increasing enormously is that most of the people today have no ambition in life. When they lack their definite ambition, luxury becomes their ambition. Ultimately, they come to the street of sin to achieve their goal.

This is the reason you must have ambition in life. When you have ambition, go to the right path to materialize it. In this way, you can isolate yourself from being a bad  man. Your ambition encourages you to live long and long. Then you will certainly have good life. You will be enjoying your life. At last, you will love this world because your ambition comes true.

The Discovery of Hell

Did anyone discover hell? Where is it located? How far is it from the earth? Some people say the earth where we are living is the real hell. Is that true? Unlimited questions take birth in my mind when someone talks about hell with me. I thought it's pretty a good idea to write about the discovery of hell.

First and foremost, let the thought lay down on the spot that I do really believe on the hell. Because I believe on God. If I believe on God, I must believe on heaven. If I believe on heaven, I must agree that there is existence of hell in the universe. But why is it isolated from the world? Who cares hell? People are searching heaven not the painful reality world like hell which reminds them their curse and crimes.

Sounds superstitious? I promise, I am not made with a conservative mind. And I know you believe I am a well educated person. Yeah, educated all of you are. But the most considerable thing is that some  people are superstitious with ignorance whereas some are blind with underestimation. But it's my claim that a person who believes God must believe on hell too. Yeah, I remember many believe on God regardless of they are English, Chinese, Nepalese, Indian and also they are scientists, writers, lawyers and so on.

I say all of the things which are existed in the universe surely have their names. Moreover, the things which have names must have been existed somewhere in or out of the universe. If there is no hell, where did the word hell come from? Why do the people from north poll to south poll know the word hell? And surely the word hell has different names in different language.

My discovery on hell is still going on. If you like to add any new concept, you can start conversation with your valuable comments below.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Difference Between Tantra and Mantra

Do NDC Discoverers believe on Tantra and Mantra? This question is the part of another article. So I am not going to discuss here about it. In this article, I am just trying to differentiate between Tantra and Mantra depending on the belief of people in the society. And of course, I give my own views at the end.

Tantra, according to the traditional belief, is an extraordinary magic triggered by some definite procedures by using related objects. For example: Performing a specific type of worship by collecting religious or spiritual objects to achieve some goals. Oppositely, Mantra is an extraordinary combination of powerful words to perform magic or miracles. For example: Uttering some words, phrases or sentences learned from religious preceptor to target any goal.

Now let us know what I think about Tantra and Mantra. In my opinion, Tantra is possibly a chapter of Science and Mantra is that of Psychology. So, in short and sweet language, the difference between Tantra and Mantra is that Tantra is scientific whereas Mantra is psychological.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

Why He Kicked You While Dreaming?

Have you ever been kicked by someone on the bed while dreaming? If not, at least you may have heard such type of sad events happening with other. Why does it happen? What is the scientific reason behind it? Read more to know the answer.

Traditional science of dream says that a person goes through five sleep stages when he starts sleeping. These stages are light sleep, slightly deep sleep, deep sleep, deeper sleep and deepest sleep {These stages are renamed by me through this article to explain and remember easily, see Wikipedia for further information}. The fifth stage of sleep is called REM sleep. In REM sleep our brain activity increases at the same level as we are awake. But our whole body is paralyzed due to the release of glycine by the brain stem onto the motoneurons. HowStuffWorks says this is the way of nature to make sure we aren't acting out our dreams.

Yes, I agree this is the way of nature. After all, this is exceptional in some cases with some people that they act out their dreams. As a result we find them walking, talking and even kicking while dreaming.
Discovered by +Don Prince