If you start analyzing any Mantra, the first thing you notice, it is written in Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is the oldest language of Nepal. The ancient holy books of Hindus are written in Sanskrit language. I have already told in How Mantra Works that Mantra works when the meaning of Mantra is understandable and acceptable. For example, if you say 'may you fall sick' to anybody and if he understands and accepts it, its Mantra to act against his health. Now you spell it in Sanskrit, English or Hindi, it does not matter.

Now in this 21st century, Mantra activities are rare. Why? Simply, people in ancient time understood Sanskrit and accepted the sense of Mantra. But now, people who can understand Sanskrit is countable in fingers. However , the language of Mantra is not changed into what people speak and understand. As a result people don not accept the suggestion sent by Mantra and its effect is zero.

Disclaimer: This article does not advocate the existence of Mantra.
Discovered by +Don Prince