Everyone knows what after birth happens. But who knows after death? Science is mute with this question.

Religious point of views

According to religion, life after death depends on the acts of the man does during his life. If he has earned religion, he goes to the home of God and should never come back to this painful world. But if he has committed sins, then he has to go to the hell and suffer severely.

My personal views

We find both hell and paradise on the earth. Our life of tomorrow is hell or  paradise, depends on our acts of today. If we do good today, our life will be paradise tomorrow. Else we  have to face hell. We can definitely reach the home of God if our acts qualify for it. If we commit sins throughout the life and in case we die without getting punishment by time, we have to come back to this world to suffer in return.

Sounds superstitious? I am still on research. This logic can be only changed if someone replaces it with new discovery. Please do comment.
Discovered by +Don Prince