Nijgadh is the treasure of mysterious and spiritual events. At least 1 person with super power comes in breaking news every year. This time National Discovery Channel discovered Vishnu Kumari {name changed} with unlimited so called super powers. What did we find out? Keep on reading.

Who was Vishnu Kumari?
Vishnu Kumari was born at Purwatol of Nijgadh which is about 5 km far from Nijgadh Bazar. She left her study after completion of Grade 7. When she reached around 20 years old, something strange happened with her. Then people of Nijgadh declared her being Devi {Goddess}. They meant to say that Devi transformed into her body. Now she was not a general girl. She was called a real Goddess.

Now let's turn up the hot topic. What super powers did she have that compelled people to think that she might be Goddess?

According to the belief of people, she could do the following miracles:
- She could tell the future of people.
- She could cure the diseases of sick people.

Were those super powers real?
People from all over the countries as well as world poured on the courtyard of her house. A temple was constructed  in front of her house according to her wish. Most of the people  who visited her reported that she really cured their diseases which had been declared incurable by doctors. Some of them also reported that she was able to tell their past and even future.

Scientific Views
National Discovery believe on scientific argument with concrete proofs. It does not blindly follow the mass statements. We took a short interview with Dr. Shishir Regmi who was the top psychiatric of Nepal who is currently living in USA. He said, ''It is a psychological concern which made her think to be chosen among millions of people . She predicted the future with the unknown effects of her subconscious mind. Regarding the healing people, people's faith actually cured {see this is how Jesus was healing people } their diseases.''

What actually happened to Devi? According to the people of Nijgadh, she got married with someone and settled her family life. This story may be ridiculous for you. But we believe that there is something hidden clues in this story which can unlock the door of several mysteries of mind power.
Discovered by +Don Prince