I found too many people searching books and articles to learn tantra and mantra in popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. As a result, I am obliged to write some words about it to guide those people in the right path. As you already know that National Discovery is on the way to split the superstitious beliefs prevalent in the world, this article also gives a lesson to those people who are blind with their inner eyes.

I bought 5 books of tantra mantra from the market and read them one by one. Then, I concluded that those types of books are nothing more than money making scams by the cheaters. The proof is that, in all books one can find same strategies. Let's go deeply. Consider the following strategies found in all books.

1. Each Mantra is very Long:
If the mantra is very short to remember, the people will easily learn it and try to practice it. Finally they will know that the mantra they learned was a fake. So tantra mantra books have long lines of mantra so that people can't learn to practice.

2. It is written in difficult language:
If the mantra is written in easy language, people will easily learn it. So it is written in difficult language so that the mantra creators are never caught by the people. Learn more about it in my previous article 'Why is Mantra not Working Today?'

3. Tantra-mantra books ask you to find out rare object:
Truly, the books tell you to bring very rare thing so that you fail to find it. One of such example may be heart of tiger. Sometimes you may be hanging around the estimation of object to find out what it is about and where it is found.

4. There is solid examination of your courage:
Obviously, it seems like they are trying how much courageous you are. You will be demanded to go in the bank of river alone at mid night to succeed over your mantra which is nothing except a trick to discourage you.

5. The books demand impossible task to do:
Yes, this is the actual reasons we find so called witches are sacrificing even their own son, grandson etc. Because the books ask such things to do to get success over Mantra. But it is absolutely nonsense and fake. Even though, uneducated women try to do it and they are caught then finally are tortured badly in the society.
Now it is clear that the books of tantra mantra create many problems on individual, family and society. Mainly such books isolate the users from the real world and cause mental problems. So, I personally appeal that buying and selling of such books should be declared illegal in the world.
Discovered by +Prem Darshan