If you are expecting the famous novel or film ' The Discovery of Heaven', then this is not the page you are actually searching for. Neither is it about the philosophical studies of heaven. Rather I am going to present my personal views about the discovery of heaven existed somewhere in the universe.

Meaning of Heaven
Dictionaries say heaven means the sky. Our earth is also a part of heaven. This is the reason scientists say it one of the heavenly bodies. But it is not the abode of God. So we don't regard it as a heaven. However it is clear that unlike earth the home of God is also existed somewhere as a heavenly body in the universe.

Difference between Heaven and Paradise
Heaven and paradise are treated separately in Hinduism. Accordingly, heaven is the home of Gods whereas paradise is the home of deities {God is God of even deity}. If we go through the logical meaning of paradise, it is nothing but a place of happiness.

Is Heaven Really Existed?
If God is existed {Is God Really Existed?}, heaven, the home of God is also existed. But why can't we reach heaven by our spacecraft? To answer this question clearly, I would like to present a similar question as a conclusion, i.e., Why couldn't we reach aliens planet so far?
Discovered by +Don Prince