In my previous article 'How Does Dream Come  True?' I told that some dreams come true due to the effect of visualization in a powerful way. However I can't deny the fact that some dreams may be the future messages sent by our subconscious mind to conscious mind. If dream can tell future, what about past? Can dream represent our past life? Can it tell about previous birth?

First of all we should think about rebirth. I personally do believe on rebirth. A survey done in India tells that about 60% people's gender is changed with rebirth. You can do a tiny search about it in Google. As I mentioned above our subconscious mind gives messages about future in our dream, it also gives messages of past. However, dream is symbolic. It is not directly related the exact events. It can be only the symbols of another events which is very hard to understand. It can be understood only by the dreamer himself. Because he knows better his life. Same symbol may have different meaning for different people.

In conclusion, dream is still a mysterious chapter of Psychology.  Because it is related to our mind which is the  most amazing part of our human body. It is also called the most complex part of the whole universe. If you want to know how do we see such dream, see this article in Wikipedia.
Discovered by +Don Prince