One of my popular articles 'Indrajal, Tantra, Mantra and Todke' is getting much of traffics from Google Search through amazing keywords like Mantra to control son, how to control son, etc. Consequently, I decided to write an article with the title 'How to Control People With Your Mind?'

First and foremost, keep in mind that there is no such mantra which can control people. If someone claims this type of nonsense, think that it's only a scam. However, I believe that we can definitely control the mind of people by applying the psychological method like Hypnosis. You can learn more about Hypnosis here.

I personally claim that applying hypnosis method over the mind of people can cause psychological harm on them. You have to do everything in our own risk. After all, being hypnotized by the certified or very well experienced hypnotist is certainly safe. You have to be expert in hypnotism to be confident whatever you are doing.

Hypnotism alone is not a way to control people with your mind. There are many other ways like social engineering, subliminal messages, etc which can scientifically control people by programming their subconscious mind in a safer ways.
Discovered by +Don Prince