'How Dream Works' is still a  mysterious question in Psychology. However, there are numerous theories in Oneirology that claim to discover how dream works. If you are searching exactly those classical and traditional theories, then you can bounce back to the search box and search about the dream theory of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and lately Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley. Also, I highly recommend the sites like Wikipedia and HowStuffWorks.  But if you are looking for a quite new and unique theory on dream interpretation, then you are at the right place. Go on reading.

Our dream is influenced by our wishes, needs, emotions, imagination and real events stored in our subconscious mind. Take it as a film script. Then think your dream as a film, your brain as a theater and you or your conscious mind as an audience. That's exactly what the dream is. Your dream is a 3D film in which you can experience the dream events exactly happening in front of you and the most exciting part of your dream is that you are not only one of the characters but also the leading character of this film. But note that your dream has no definite story line like in real film. Your conscious mind itself makes a sense of the pictures to create a story which is reflected by subconscious mind. The pictures shown in your dream are like the pictures given to the English students where the students have to create a story based on the pictures. Unlike the stories depend on the imagination of students, your imagination also has direct impact on your dream.

I argue that my theory is influenced by pre-existed theories in Psychology. I only integrated the scattered theories of How Dream Works.  Because the only one reason the scientists fail to interpret dreams is that they try to analysis dreams with single theory. It's like trying to see entire city through a small window. Dreams, in fact, have different aspects, causes and vision that can be understood only by looking through different windows. Hope, you understand what I am trying to say you. If you like this article, please share.
Discovered by +Don Prince