Physical punishment at school and home has become a folk story in developed countries like USA and Canada. But this type of practice is still common in eastern countries like Nepal and India. Teachers and parents in these countries tell that it is impossible to cultivate good habits and knowledge in students without giving them punishment. They know that it is against the theory of education and right of children. However they can not apply the strategies of teaching and learning psychology as children completely give up learning if they are not threatened and beaten. Some teachers apply mental punishment as an alternative. But this is worse than physical punishment.

You may be a teacher or a guardian. Have you ever asked to yourself what might be the long term effects of your physical punishment on children? First of all tell me what is the actual reason behind such type of inhumane punishment you are giving to children? It's just to bring change in them, right? OK, I agree you can change their bad attitudes by the means of physical and mental torture. But aren't you giving an indirect lesson that the things like change and revolution can be achieved only through violence not by peace? This is the root cause of armed struggle for rights and freedom in uneducated and underdeveloped countries.

Peace can't be achieved through violent mind. Peace can be achieved by only peaceful minds. Do not teach your children violence as a weapon to achieve positive change in life. Motivate to themselves to be interested for learning or anything you want to cultivate in them. They can definitely learn and follow what you teach them.
Discovered by +Don Prince