There is a famous idiom in India and Nepal which reads something like this, ''Naam Liya Saitan Hajir''. If you talk about someone and then he suddenly appears, this idiom can be appropriate. People also believe that in such condition, the life span of the person you are talking about will be prolonged magically.

Have you ever noticed sometimes the person whom you are thinking is suddenly coming to visit you unexpectedly? You also may have noticed you are given a call or message by a person you are thinking about. Why does it happen?

It's all the due to the telepathic power. Telepathy is a psychological term. You can read a very helpful article about telepathic power here.

Let me illustrate some more about it. See the list below:
- Have you ever started singing a same song with your brother?
- Did your friend tell you 'I was also going to tell you same thing' just after you tell him the matter?
- Have you and your friend ever sent same messages with each other at a same time?

You think these are just coincidences. But they belong to Science. If scientists develop telepathic power, one day we will be doing mind communications in stead of using cell phones. Hope, all of us take it seriously.
Discovered by +Don Prince