The Discovery of Heaven

If you are expecting the famous novel or film ' The Discovery of Heaven', then this is not the page you are actually searching for. Neither is it about the philosophical studies of heaven. Rather I am going to present my personal views about the discovery of heaven existed somewhere in the universe.

Meaning of Heaven
Dictionaries say heaven means the sky. Our earth is also a part of heaven. This is the reason scientists say it one of the heavenly bodies. But it is not the abode of God. So we don't regard it as a heaven. However it is clear that unlike earth the home of God is also existed somewhere as a heavenly body in the universe.

Difference between Heaven and Paradise
Heaven and paradise are treated separately in Hinduism. Accordingly, heaven is the home of Gods whereas paradise is the home of deities {God is God of even deity}. If we go through the logical meaning of paradise, it is nothing but a place of happiness.

Is Heaven Really Existed?
If God is existed {Is God Really Existed?}, heaven, the home of God is also existed. But why can't we reach heaven by our spacecraft? To answer this question clearly, I would like to present a similar question as a conclusion, i.e., Why couldn't we reach aliens planet so far?
Discovered by +Don Prince

Effect of Physical Punishment on Children

Physical punishment at school and home has become a folk story in developed countries like USA and Canada. But this type of practice is still common in eastern countries like Nepal and India. Teachers and parents in these countries tell that it is impossible to cultivate good habits and knowledge in students without giving them punishment. They know that it is against the theory of education and right of children. However they can not apply the strategies of teaching and learning psychology as children completely give up learning if they are not threatened and beaten. Some teachers apply mental punishment as an alternative. But this is worse than physical punishment.

You may be a teacher or a guardian. Have you ever asked to yourself what might be the long term effects of your physical punishment on children? First of all tell me what is the actual reason behind such type of inhumane punishment you are giving to children? It's just to bring change in them, right? OK, I agree you can change their bad attitudes by the means of physical and mental torture. But aren't you giving an indirect lesson that the things like change and revolution can be achieved only through violence not by peace? This is the root cause of armed struggle for rights and freedom in uneducated and underdeveloped countries.

Peace can't be achieved through violent mind. Peace can be achieved by only peaceful minds. Do not teach your children violence as a weapon to achieve positive change in life. Motivate to themselves to be interested for learning or anything you want to cultivate in them. They can definitely learn and follow what you teach them.
Discovered by +Don Prince

The Reality of your Tantra Mantra Book

I found too many people searching books and articles to learn tantra and mantra in popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. As a result, I am obliged to write some words about it to guide those people in the right path. As you already know that National Discovery is on the way to split the superstitious beliefs prevalent in the world, this article also gives a lesson to those people who are blind with their inner eyes.

I bought 5 books of tantra mantra from the market and read them one by one. Then, I concluded that those types of books are nothing more than money making scams by the cheaters. The proof is that, in all books one can find same strategies. Let's go deeply. Consider the following strategies found in all books.

1. Each Mantra is very Long:
If the mantra is very short to remember, the people will easily learn it and try to practice it. Finally they will know that the mantra they learned was a fake. So tantra mantra books have long lines of mantra so that people can't learn to practice.

2. It is written in difficult language:
If the mantra is written in easy language, people will easily learn it. So it is written in difficult language so that the mantra creators are never caught by the people. Learn more about it in my previous article 'Why is Mantra not Working Today?'

3. Tantra-mantra books ask you to find out rare object:
Truly, the books tell you to bring very rare thing so that you fail to find it. One of such example may be heart of tiger. Sometimes you may be hanging around the estimation of object to find out what it is about and where it is found.

4. There is solid examination of your courage:
Obviously, it seems like they are trying how much courageous you are. You will be demanded to go in the bank of river alone at mid night to succeed over your mantra which is nothing except a trick to discourage you.

5. The books demand impossible task to do:
Yes, this is the actual reasons we find so called witches are sacrificing even their own son, grandson etc. Because the books ask such things to do to get success over Mantra. But it is absolutely nonsense and fake. Even though, uneducated women try to do it and they are caught then finally are tortured badly in the society.
Now it is clear that the books of tantra mantra create many problems on individual, family and society. Mainly such books isolate the users from the real world and cause mental problems. So, I personally appeal that buying and selling of such books should be declared illegal in the world.
Discovered by +Prem Darshan

Why is Mantra not Working Today?

If you start analyzing any Mantra, the first thing you notice, it is written in Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is the oldest language of Nepal. The ancient holy books of Hindus are written in Sanskrit language. I have already told in How Mantra Works that Mantra works when the meaning of Mantra is understandable and acceptable. For example, if you say 'may you fall sick' to anybody and if he understands and accepts it, its Mantra to act against his health. Now you spell it in Sanskrit, English or Hindi, it does not matter.

Now in this 21st century, Mantra activities are rare. Why? Simply, people in ancient time understood Sanskrit and accepted the sense of Mantra. But now, people who can understand Sanskrit is countable in fingers. However , the language of Mantra is not changed into what people speak and understand. As a result people don not accept the suggestion sent by Mantra and its effect is zero.

Disclaimer: This article does not advocate the existence of Mantra.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

How to Control People With Your Mind?

One of my popular articles 'Indrajal, Tantra, Mantra and Todke' is getting much of traffics from Google Search through amazing keywords like Mantra to control son, how to control son, etc. Consequently, I decided to write an article with the title 'How to Control People With Your Mind?'

First and foremost, keep in mind that there is no such mantra which can control people. If someone claims this type of nonsense, think that it's only a scam. However, I believe that we can definitely control the mind of people by applying the psychological method like Hypnosis. You can learn more about Hypnosis here.

I personally claim that applying hypnosis method over the mind of people can cause psychological harm on them. You have to do everything in our own risk. After all, being hypnotized by the certified or very well experienced hypnotist is certainly safe. You have to be expert in hypnotism to be confident whatever you are doing.

Hypnotism alone is not a way to control people with your mind. There are many other ways like social engineering, subliminal messages, etc which can scientifically control people by programming their subconscious mind in a safer ways.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

How Mantra Works?

Simply follow the following steps to realize how mantra works:
- Call some people around you and tell them to sit independently in a peaceful place.
- Prepare them to feel and do whatever you say.
- Tell them to close their eyes and imagine their own body in mind.
- Tell them to imagine that they are playing with sand and pebbles with their long nails in a bank of river.
- Tell them to imagine that now they are robbing their hands with nails with bits of sand on a iron gate.
- After repeating the lat stage several times, tell them to open their eyes and ask them 'Did you find any movement inside your body?'

Obviously most of them experienced their body moving. This is the way the Mantra works. Your all instructions were Mantra spelled by you and the movement of the body of those guys was the effect of Mantra.

You may tell me that those sentences were general English words which do not seem to be any type of Mantra and then you may give me some Sanskrit words {mantras} to illustrate how actually mantras are. But have you ever translated those Sanskrit mantras into any other language you know well? They have similar value like you spell some English sentences above. Hope you understand what a  mantra is and how it works.

Disclaimer: This article does not support the existence of Mantra. It only advocates the power of word.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

How Dream Works

'How Dream Works' is still a  mysterious question in Psychology. However, there are numerous theories in Oneirology that claim to discover how dream works. If you are searching exactly those classical and traditional theories, then you can bounce back to the search box and search about the dream theory of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and lately Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley. Also, I highly recommend the sites like Wikipedia and HowStuffWorks.  But if you are looking for a quite new and unique theory on dream interpretation, then you are at the right place. Go on reading.

Our dream is influenced by our wishes, needs, emotions, imagination and real events stored in our subconscious mind. Take it as a film script. Then think your dream as a film, your brain as a theater and you or your conscious mind as an audience. That's exactly what the dream is. Your dream is a 3D film in which you can experience the dream events exactly happening in front of you and the most exciting part of your dream is that you are not only one of the characters but also the leading character of this film. But note that your dream has no definite story line like in real film. Your conscious mind itself makes a sense of the pictures to create a story which is reflected by subconscious mind. The pictures shown in your dream are like the pictures given to the English students where the students have to create a story based on the pictures. Unlike the stories depend on the imagination of students, your imagination also has direct impact on your dream.

I argue that my theory is influenced by pre-existed theories in Psychology. I only integrated the scattered theories of How Dream Works.  Because the only one reason the scientists fail to interpret dreams is that they try to analysis dreams with single theory. It's like trying to see entire city through a small window. Dreams, in fact, have different aspects, causes and vision that can be understood only by looking through different windows. Hope, you understand what I am trying to say you. If you like this article, please share.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

Is Your Dream Trying to Tell Your Past Life?

In my previous article 'How Does Dream Come  True?' I told that some dreams come true due to the effect of visualization in a powerful way. However I can't deny the fact that some dreams may be the future messages sent by our subconscious mind to conscious mind. If dream can tell future, what about past? Can dream represent our past life? Can it tell about previous birth?

First of all we should think about rebirth. I personally do believe on rebirth. A survey done in India tells that about 60% people's gender is changed with rebirth. You can do a tiny search about it in Google. As I mentioned above our subconscious mind gives messages about future in our dream, it also gives messages of past. However, dream is symbolic. It is not directly related the exact events. It can be only the symbols of another events which is very hard to understand. It can be understood only by the dreamer himself. Because he knows better his life. Same symbol may have different meaning for different people.

In conclusion, dream is still a mysterious chapter of Psychology.  Because it is related to our mind which is the  most amazing part of our human body. It is also called the most complex part of the whole universe. If you want to know how do we see such dream, see this article in Wikipedia.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

Amazing Telepathic Power

There is a famous idiom in India and Nepal which reads something like this, ''Naam Liya Saitan Hajir''. If you talk about someone and then he suddenly appears, this idiom can be appropriate. People also believe that in such condition, the life span of the person you are talking about will be prolonged magically.

Have you ever noticed sometimes the person whom you are thinking is suddenly coming to visit you unexpectedly? You also may have noticed you are given a call or message by a person you are thinking about. Why does it happen?

It's all the due to the telepathic power. Telepathy is a psychological term. You can read a very helpful article about telepathic power here.

Let me illustrate some more about it. See the list below:
- Have you ever started singing a same song with your brother?
- Did your friend tell you 'I was also going to tell you same thing' just after you tell him the matter?
- Have you and your friend ever sent same messages with each other at a same time?

You think these are just coincidences. But they belong to Science. If scientists develop telepathic power, one day we will be doing mind communications in stead of using cell phones. Hope, all of us take it seriously.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

What Happens After Death?

Everyone knows what after birth happens. But who knows after death? Science is mute with this question.

Religious point of views

According to religion, life after death depends on the acts of the man does during his life. If he has earned religion, he goes to the home of God and should never come back to this painful world. But if he has committed sins, then he has to go to the hell and suffer severely.

My personal views

We find both hell and paradise on the earth. Our life of tomorrow is hell or  paradise, depends on our acts of today. If we do good today, our life will be paradise tomorrow. Else we  have to face hell. We can definitely reach the home of God if our acts qualify for it. If we commit sins throughout the life and in case we die without getting punishment by time, we have to come back to this world to suffer in return.

Sounds superstitious? I am still on research. This logic can be only changed if someone replaces it with new discovery. Please do comment.
Discovered by +Don Prince

What Happened to Devi of Nijgadh?

Nijgadh is the treasure of mysterious and spiritual events. At least 1 person with super power comes in breaking news every year. This time National Discovery Channel discovered Vishnu Kumari {name changed} with unlimited so called super powers. What did we find out? Keep on reading.

Who was Vishnu Kumari?
Vishnu Kumari was born at Purwatol of Nijgadh which is about 5 km far from Nijgadh Bazar. She left her study after completion of Grade 7. When she reached around 20 years old, something strange happened with her. Then people of Nijgadh declared her being Devi {Goddess}. They meant to say that Devi transformed into her body. Now she was not a general girl. She was called a real Goddess.

Now let's turn up the hot topic. What super powers did she have that compelled people to think that she might be Goddess?

According to the belief of people, she could do the following miracles:
- She could tell the future of people.
- She could cure the diseases of sick people.

Were those super powers real?
People from all over the countries as well as world poured on the courtyard of her house. A temple was constructed  in front of her house according to her wish. Most of the people  who visited her reported that she really cured their diseases which had been declared incurable by doctors. Some of them also reported that she was able to tell their past and even future.

Scientific Views
National Discovery believe on scientific argument with concrete proofs. It does not blindly follow the mass statements. We took a short interview with Dr. Shishir Regmi who was the top psychiatric of Nepal who is currently living in USA. He said, ''It is a psychological concern which made her think to be chosen among millions of people . She predicted the future with the unknown effects of her subconscious mind. Regarding the healing people, people's faith actually cured {see this is how Jesus was healing people } their diseases.''

What actually happened to Devi? According to the people of Nijgadh, she got married with someone and settled her family life. This story may be ridiculous for you. But we believe that there is something hidden clues in this story which can unlock the door of several mysteries of mind power.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Walls Have Ears

When I accidentally found the plot of this article, I was helpless to define its right title. Coincidentally, I watched the movie 'Hills have Eyes'. Then I smilingly defined the title of this article as 'Walls Have Ears'. Don't feel overwhelmed. I am not going to program your mind with scary words. Neither is it a horror story site. In fact, this article is about a famous idiom 'Walls Have Ears'. This article tells you from where the idiom came.

Though this idiom is popular idiom all over the world, it originally came from India. A Mughal Emperor built an amazing palace in Lucknow. This palace has 1000 similar doors. But there is only one way to come out of the palace. This palace is called Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Because one, without a guide can easily be lost inside the palace. The another amazing part of Bhool Bhulaiyaa is its walls have ears. If one whispers from a side of its wall another can hear it by sticking ears on the wall. Indian made this amazing palace to trick English attacks.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa is full of many amazing specialties. However I have poured a few words on it so that you enjoy lots of excitement and mystery when you visit here.Hope the article has helped you.
Discovered by +Don Prince