Bajra Barahi, a temple without pinnacle  is popular for its amazing and spiritual specialties  It is said that the temple which is situated at Bajra Barahi, Chapagaun, Lalitpur of Nepal, is one of the significant arts of seventeenth century. The temple is dedicated to the tantric manifestation of Goddess Kali of Hinduism.

This temple is located within the forest which is full of divine wonders. Mr. Tirtha Shankya, a local intellectual of Kathmandu valley says in the return of the question of National Discovery Chanel, '' The leafs surrounding the temples are very mysterious from ancient time. If the leafs are taken out of the temple's premises, they fly back to the spot again. No one nearby the village dares to take the leafs at their home. If someone does, will suffer from unknown illness.

Hindus believe that they shouldn't say whether they are planning to go any of the popular temples of Hindus like Manakaman, Pashupatinath, etc. Same saying is applied with Bajra Barahi also. Mr. Gyanendra Chaudhary, a science student says, '' You should not say that you will come here. If you say you must come. Else you have to face troubles. Similarly you shouldn't say that you don't believe it specially when you are standing in front of the temple.''

The temple area is rich in flora and faunas  There are 48 varieties of birds including spiny babbler which is found only in Nepal. Mr. Ramesh Tuladhar, a teacher of Children Garden Academy  Lalitpur says, '' This forest is the home for several rare animals like tiger, leopard, bears, etc. It is believed that those animals don't attack people in the forest. There are also some rare trees which are useful to manufacture medicines.''

Bajra Barahi is quite right spot for picnic with spiritual, physical and social point of views. So one can find many groups enjoying here.

The opinion of National Discovery Channel regarding the wonders of Bajra Barahi is another part. After all we openly believe that this temple is one of the mysterious temples of the world.
Discovered by +Don Prince+Prem Darshan and +Sujan Kshetry