It is often said 'First impression is the last impression.' Have you ever considered the reason behind it? Why is first impression the last impression?

Once our subconscious mind makes a concept about a person, it is difficult to change it. Its concept only can be changed if there is another suggestion {concept} stronger than before. This is the reason of first impression is the last impression. If you didn't get it clearly, see the example below.

Jimmy applied for the post of teacher in a private school.. Due to some external cause, he did not give good demo class. The students thought that Jimmy was not able to teach well. Jimmy luckily got appointment in that school. Thereafter Jimmy gave many lectures to those students. However the students didn't find them interesting. Because the subconscious mind of the students had made a negative concept about the Lecture capacity of Jimmy. Later when those students heard the good lecture capacity of Jimmy from higher students, Jimmy became popular in all classes.
Discovered by +Don Prince