Where would you like to go if you need to pass your time quickly? The answer differs from person to person. Talking about myself, I usually go to theater to watch movie whenever I feel bored and work less. But what happens if the movie itself is boring? And what happens if the  movie is very interesting? Obviously, bored movie seems to be so long. In the other hand if it's very interesting your time will be passing quickly without a notice to you. Why does it happen? Read more to know about it.

When your conscious mind finds a movie  bored will start being annoyed itself. In this condition, your conscious mind will overcome{I  mean it becomes more active than subconscious mind} your subconscious mind. According to rule, conscious mind thinks time delays to pass. So you think the  movie is long. Opposite to it, if the movie is interesting, your subconscious mind will dominate your conscious mind. As a result you feel your time has passed quickly.
Discovered by +Don Prince