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Why Does Someone not Listen When You Call?

Tom was reading inside his room. After 2 hours, he went to the dining room. Everyone was having dinner. His wife was serving. He asked his wife, '' Why didn't you call me for dinner today?'' His wife replied, '' I called you, but you didn't reply. I thought you would come yourself after finishing your chapter.'' Tom didn't want to answer. He quietly sat on a chair and started having dinner. A question raised in his mind, '' Why don't I listen while I was reading?''

Have you ever experienced the situation like Tom? I think most of you have. Now let me tell you why does it happen? According to a website ''2KnowMyself'', our mind receives 2 billion bits of information per second. But it is filtered and discarded until we end up with only 7 bits of information per second. Duet to this reason someone doesn't listen when you call.
Discovered by +Don Prince

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