Sarita saw a dream of playing with stool last night. It is belief in Nepal that if you see dream of playing with stool, then you will get money by somebody in reality. But you shouldn't tell your dream with anybody before it is fulfilled. Sarita told about dream to her sister. Her sister said, '' Why did you express your dream? Now you will not get money today.'' And then Sarita really did not get money that day. Why does the dream expressed never come true?

In my previous article titled ''How Does Dream Come True?'', I told that dream comes true by faith of the dreamer due to the power of visualization. So most of the Nepalese dreamers are getting money in that situation. But here Sarita {anyone like Sarita} did not get money. It is not due to disclose of her dream with her sister. In fact, it is due to the fact that the things explained by her sister made her not to trust at all.
Discovered by +Don Prince