Why do old people see ghost? The first reason is old people are uneducated. So they are more superstitious. The second reason is psychological.

First of all, let me give you an example so that everything is milk to water clear. In the past people never believed that it was possible to reach at the summit of the Mt. Everest. Some people tried but they couldn't get success {due to lack of belief}. Later when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa somehow managed to break the false belief. They successfully kissed the summit of the Everest. This success replaced the false belief of the people. Then they started to believe that they can also reach the summit of Everest. Thereafter one by one many people succeeded over Mt. Everest.

Now come to the point. In my previous article I told  that {according to psychology} belief can bring amazing miracles. What if the belief is coming from large number of  minds {people}? Same thing is happening with those old guys. A person can see the ghost {or anything what he believes} if his subconscious mind completely trusts his concept. And it is more effective if his belief is accompanied by a number of people and their faiths. This is the reason Old Guys see ghosts whereas there is less number of Young Guys who have seen a ghost.
Discovered by +Don Prince, Founder, Editor-in-Chief