This is not a story. However I am telling it as a story. This story is about me and my Krishna. I must say him 'My Krishna' even though I never got him as far as I was alive. Yes, I am not alive but am still wandering somewhere in thirst of his love.

My name is Mirabai. I was born at Rajasthan in India. When I was a little child, I noticed a marriage procession passing on the way of my house. I was unknown about culture like marriage. I asked about it with my lovely grandmother  She explained everything in a childish language. I curiously asked her, '' Grandmother, who is my husband?'' At first, she paused. There after she smiled  gave me a statue of lord Krishna and told, '' Lord Krishna is your husband.'' It was perhaps a joke for my grandmother  But it became a life for an innocent child like me.

I carried a dream to meet my Krishna. But everything became dust when I grew up and came to know that Krishna had already left this world thousands years ago. However, I did not loose my hope. Krishna had already settled in my pure heart. I hoped he must have come somewhere in the world. I believed that I am his love ''Radha'' and he can be only of mine. I asked only one thing with God, '' God, get him for me,. God I believe whoever marries me, is only Krishna. Because I trust marriage is planned by God in heaven.''

Thus I got married. Perhaps God deceived me. I did not find Krishna in my husband. I loved only Krishna. I worshiped only Krishna. I got tortured by my husband and other members in that family. Later my husband also died. I was tried to be killed by his family. One day I escaped from there and came to Vrindavan.

One day in Krishna Temple, I prayed Lord to take me away. Then the door was closed itself. I disappeared into the idol of Krishna. Now I am not alive in this world. But my sacred love is still alive with my songs and poems dedicated to Krishna.
Discovered by +Don Prince, Founder, Editor-in-Chief