We often hear people getting wishes fulfilled by God. We also find some of them being frustrated for not having blessings by God. How does God fulfill your wish? Why are people disappointed with God? This article has answered the questions aforementioned.

As I mentioned in my previous article, one of the causes of miracles around us is the power of mind supported by faith. When a devotee prays to God with full belief, his own belief empowers him to find his wished fulfilled. It's more certain and effective if he prays frequently. Because his belief becomes more stronger with repetition. That's the exact reason people's faith is increasing towards the temples, churches, mosques whatever you say.

It's clear that God can fulfill your wishes by activating the power of your sub conscious mind {note that the source of your subconscious mind is God}. However there are some people who are frustrated wiht God, life and themselves. The reason is lack of self confidence, self disappointment and trust on God.
Discovered by +Don Prince