How does dream come true? It is still a mysterious question in Science. I have tried to answer this question with my own logic. I hope you will get confidence after reading this article.

Before you understand how dream comes true, you are required to know about power of visualization in Psychology. Every psychologists believe that visualization has power to materialize the things visualized. For example, ''a man getting award after frequent visualization of getting award.''. But it does not mean that whatever you imagine by closing your eyes today, will be materialized right tomorrow. There are  many other factors that program your future. You need strong faith and lots of practices to use psychology in your real life.

Now no more story, let's come to the point. How does dream come true? This is directly related to the power of visualization. Actually your true dream is not a prediction. It is just the result of the visual of your dream which is so powerful to make the imagination real.
Discovered by +Don Prince