Indrajal is a book consisting of tantra and mantra to supernatural power. The book is easily found in the local market of Asian countries like Nepal and India. Does Indrajal Mantra really work? Read full story to get answer.

Dolmaya is a 55 years old woman from a remote village of Nepal. One day she found a book 'Indrajal' while shopping in the market. The book consisted of mantra to disappear, call spirit, kill enemy, make money, control mind of people, persuade girls, etc. She immediately bought the book and took at home. She secretly  
read the book and decided to try it. She also took help with another woman nearby her house. The message spread throughout the village. One day some people caught her at midnight under a tree. She was trying the Indrajal Mantra. People beat her badly. The  next day she became the headline in local and national newspapers because she was tortured by the villagers charging witchcraft.

Here is another true story. Rajesh, a resident of India got Indrajal in a shop near his house. The book gave him such interest that he left to go to school. He forgot real world and found hanging with the Indrajal Mantra. Ultimately he lost his sense and became completely mad and then he was admitted to a mental hospital.

These two events are only the representatives of the thousands of such sad events that happen every year in Asian countries. Fake books like Indrajal is openly sold in the market {learn more here}which easily destroy the life of people  How careless governments are. And how foolish people are. Does a 2 dollars worth book give us supernatural power? National Discovery creates this article to aware the people against such blind belief. Do not waste time and money by hanging around such unreal thing. It's better to labor hard for success rather than searching such stupid shortcuts.
Discovered by Don Prince