Why Do Old People See Ghost?

Why do old people see ghost? The first reason is old people are uneducated. So they are more superstitious. The second reason is psychological.

First of all, let me give you an example so that everything is milk to water clear. In the past people never believed that it was possible to reach at the summit of the Mt. Everest. Some people tried but they couldn't get success {due to lack of belief}. Later when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa somehow managed to break the false belief. They successfully kissed the summit of the Everest. This success replaced the false belief of the people. Then they started to believe that they can also reach the summit of Everest. Thereafter one by one many people succeeded over Mt. Everest.

Now come to the point. In my previous article I told  that {according to psychology} belief can bring amazing miracles. What if the belief is coming from large number of  minds {people}? Same thing is happening with those old guys. A person can see the ghost {or anything what he believes} if his subconscious mind completely trusts his concept. And it is more effective if his belief is accompanied by a number of people and their faiths. This is the reason Old Guys see ghosts whereas there is less number of Young Guys who have seen a ghost.
Discovered by +Don Prince, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Why Does Someone not Listen When You Call?

Tom was reading inside his room. After 2 hours, he went to the dining room. Everyone was having dinner. His wife was serving. He asked his wife, '' Why didn't you call me for dinner today?'' His wife replied, '' I called you, but you didn't reply. I thought you would come yourself after finishing your chapter.'' Tom didn't want to answer. He quietly sat on a chair and started having dinner. A question raised in his mind, '' Why don't I listen while I was reading?''

Have you ever experienced the situation like Tom? I think most of you have. Now let me tell you why does it happen? According to a website ''2KnowMyself'', our mind receives 2 billion bits of information per second. But it is filtered and discarded until we end up with only 7 bits of information per second. Duet to this reason someone doesn't listen when you call.
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Why is First Impression the Last Impression?

It is often said 'First impression is the last impression.' Have you ever considered the reason behind it? Why is first impression the last impression?

Once our subconscious mind makes a concept about a person, it is difficult to change it. Its concept only can be changed if there is another suggestion {concept} stronger than before. This is the reason of first impression is the last impression. If you didn't get it clearly, see the example below.

Jimmy applied for the post of teacher in a private school.. Due to some external cause, he did not give good demo class. The students thought that Jimmy was not able to teach well. Jimmy luckily got appointment in that school. Thereafter Jimmy gave many lectures to those students. However the students didn't find them interesting. Because the subconscious mind of the students had made a negative concept about the Lecture capacity of Jimmy. Later when those students heard the good lecture capacity of Jimmy from higher students, Jimmy became popular in all classes.
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Why Does Time Pass Quickly While Watching Movie?

Where would you like to go if you need to pass your time quickly? The answer differs from person to person. Talking about myself, I usually go to theater to watch movie whenever I feel bored and work less. But what happens if the movie itself is boring? And what happens if the  movie is very interesting? Obviously, bored movie seems to be so long. In the other hand if it's very interesting your time will be passing quickly without a notice to you. Why does it happen? Read more to know about it.

When your conscious mind finds a movie  bored will start being annoyed itself. In this condition, your conscious mind will overcome{I  mean it becomes more active than subconscious mind} your subconscious mind. According to rule, conscious mind thinks time delays to pass. So you think the  movie is long. Opposite to it, if the movie is interesting, your subconscious mind will dominate your conscious mind. As a result you feel your time has passed quickly.
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How Does God Fulfill Your Wish?

We often hear people getting wishes fulfilled by God. We also find some of them being frustrated for not having blessings by God. How does God fulfill your wish? Why are people disappointed with God? This article has answered the questions aforementioned.

As I mentioned in my previous article, one of the causes of miracles around us is the power of mind supported by faith. When a devotee prays to God with full belief, his own belief empowers him to find his wished fulfilled. It's more certain and effective if he prays frequently. Because his belief becomes more stronger with repetition. That's the exact reason people's faith is increasing towards the temples, churches, mosques whatever you say.

It's clear that God can fulfill your wishes by activating the power of your sub conscious mind {note that the source of your subconscious mind is God}. However there are some people who are frustrated wiht God, life and themselves. The reason is lack of self confidence, self disappointment and trust on God.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

Why Does the Dream Expressed Never Come True?

Sarita saw a dream of playing with stool last night. It is belief in Nepal that if you see dream of playing with stool, then you will get money by somebody in reality. But you shouldn't tell your dream with anybody before it is fulfilled. Sarita told about dream to her sister. Her sister said, '' Why did you express your dream? Now you will not get money today.'' And then Sarita really did not get money that day. Why does the dream expressed never come true?

In my previous article titled ''How Does Dream Come True?'', I told that dream comes true by faith of the dreamer due to the power of visualization. So most of the Nepalese dreamers are getting money in that situation. But here Sarita {anyone like Sarita} did not get money. It is not due to disclose of her dream with her sister. In fact, it is due to the fact that the things explained by her sister made her not to trust at all.
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How Does Dream Come True?

How does dream come true? It is still a mysterious question in Science. I have tried to answer this question with my own logic. I hope you will get confidence after reading this article.

Before you understand how dream comes true, you are required to know about power of visualization in Psychology. Every psychologists believe that visualization has power to materialize the things visualized. For example, ''a man getting award after frequent visualization of getting award.''. But it does not mean that whatever you imagine by closing your eyes today, will be materialized right tomorrow. There are  many other factors that program your future. You need strong faith and lots of practices to use psychology in your real life.

Now no more story, let's come to the point. How does dream come true? This is directly related to the power of visualization. Actually your true dream is not a prediction. It is just the result of the visual of your dream which is so powerful to make the imagination real.
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Wonders of Bajra Barahi

Bajra Barahi, a temple without pinnacle  is popular for its amazing and spiritual specialties  It is said that the temple which is situated at Bajra Barahi, Chapagaun, Lalitpur of Nepal, is one of the significant arts of seventeenth century. The temple is dedicated to the tantric manifestation of Goddess Kali of Hinduism.

This temple is located within the forest which is full of divine wonders. Mr. Tirtha Shankya, a local intellectual of Kathmandu valley says in the return of the question of National Discovery Chanel, '' The leafs surrounding the temples are very mysterious from ancient time. If the leafs are taken out of the temple's premises, they fly back to the spot again. No one nearby the village dares to take the leafs at their home. If someone does, will suffer from unknown illness.

Hindus believe that they shouldn't say whether they are planning to go any of the popular temples of Hindus like Manakaman, Pashupatinath, etc. Same saying is applied with Bajra Barahi also. Mr. Gyanendra Chaudhary, a science student says, '' You should not say that you will come here. If you say you must come. Else you have to face troubles. Similarly you shouldn't say that you don't believe it specially when you are standing in front of the temple.''

The temple area is rich in flora and faunas  There are 48 varieties of birds including spiny babbler which is found only in Nepal. Mr. Ramesh Tuladhar, a teacher of Children Garden Academy  Lalitpur says, '' This forest is the home for several rare animals like tiger, leopard, bears, etc. It is believed that those animals don't attack people in the forest. There are also some rare trees which are useful to manufacture medicines.''

Bajra Barahi is quite right spot for picnic with spiritual, physical and social point of views. So one can find many groups enjoying here.

The opinion of National Discovery Channel regarding the wonders of Bajra Barahi is another part. After all we openly believe that this temple is one of the mysterious temples of the world.
Discovered by +Don Prince+Prem Darshan and +Sujan Kshetry

Amazing Power of Indrajal Mantra

Indrajal is a book consisting of tantra and mantra to supernatural power. The book is easily found in the local market of Asian countries like Nepal and India. Does Indrajal Mantra really work? Read full story to get answer.

Dolmaya is a 55 years old woman from a remote village of Nepal. One day she found a book 'Indrajal' while shopping in the market. The book consisted of mantra to disappear, call spirit, kill enemy, make money, control mind of people, persuade girls, etc. She immediately bought the book and took at home. She secretly  
read the book and decided to try it. She also took help with another woman nearby her house. The message spread throughout the village. One day some people caught her at midnight under a tree. She was trying the Indrajal Mantra. People beat her badly. The  next day she became the headline in local and national newspapers because she was tortured by the villagers charging witchcraft.

Here is another true story. Rajesh, a resident of India got Indrajal in a shop near his house. The book gave him such interest that he left to go to school. He forgot real world and found hanging with the Indrajal Mantra. Ultimately he lost his sense and became completely mad and then he was admitted to a mental hospital.

These two events are only the representatives of the thousands of such sad events that happen every year in Asian countries. Fake books like Indrajal is openly sold in the market {learn more here}which easily destroy the life of people  How careless governments are. And how foolish people are. Does a 2 dollars worth book give us supernatural power? National Discovery creates this article to aware the people against such blind belief. Do not waste time and money by hanging around such unreal thing. It's better to labor hard for success rather than searching such stupid shortcuts.
Discovered by Don Prince

Lost Story of Mirabai

This is not a story. However I am telling it as a story. This story is about me and my Krishna. I must say him 'My Krishna' even though I never got him as far as I was alive. Yes, I am not alive but am still wandering somewhere in thirst of his love.

My name is Mirabai. I was born at Rajasthan in India. When I was a little child, I noticed a marriage procession passing on the way of my house. I was unknown about culture like marriage. I asked about it with my lovely grandmother  She explained everything in a childish language. I curiously asked her, '' Grandmother, who is my husband?'' At first, she paused. There after she smiled  gave me a statue of lord Krishna and told, '' Lord Krishna is your husband.'' It was perhaps a joke for my grandmother  But it became a life for an innocent child like me.

I carried a dream to meet my Krishna. But everything became dust when I grew up and came to know that Krishna had already left this world thousands years ago. However, I did not loose my hope. Krishna had already settled in my pure heart. I hoped he must have come somewhere in the world. I believed that I am his love ''Radha'' and he can be only of mine. I asked only one thing with God, '' God, get him for me,. God I believe whoever marries me, is only Krishna. Because I trust marriage is planned by God in heaven.''

Thus I got married. Perhaps God deceived me. I did not find Krishna in my husband. I loved only Krishna. I worshiped only Krishna. I got tortured by my husband and other members in that family. Later my husband also died. I was tried to be killed by his family. One day I escaped from there and came to Vrindavan.

One day in Krishna Temple, I prayed Lord to take me away. Then the door was closed itself. I disappeared into the idol of Krishna. Now I am not alive in this world. But my sacred love is still alive with my songs and poems dedicated to Krishna.
Discovered by +Don Prince, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

End of Kali Yuga

There are four eras according to Hinduism. They are Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Kali Yuga. This is a time cycle of life which never stops. Now Kali Yuga is running. After Kali Yuga, Satya Yuga begins again.

Let's remember the stone age of human civilization described by Darwin. For refreshment of your understanding  let me tell you a bit about it. This Yuga was called stone age because people used weapons made by stone.

Now open the dictionary in your mind. Search what is Kali Yuga said in English? It's iron age, alright? And why was it called iron age? The answer is simple. It is because people used weapons made by iron.

Remember the day USA dropped first atom bomb in Japan during the second world war. History is eyewitness that our world has already passed Kali Yuga and now atomic age is running. We can also tell it as nuclear age.

This article doesn't claim end of Kali Yuga. However it is no doubt a serious point to be discussed before opening the chapter of End of Kali Yuga.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Who is the Actual Wife of Brahma?

Numbers of Gods and Goddesses are more than the number of devotees in Hinduism. However there are three prominent Gods in Hinduism. They are Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshor.

Similarly there are three major Goddesses. They are Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga. Goddess Laxmi is the wife of Vishnu. Durga is the wife of Maheshor. But who is the wife of Brahma?

People mistakenly think that Saraswati is the wife of Brahma which is totally wrong and ridiculous. Saraswati is the daughter of Brahma. In fact, Brahma does not have any wife.
Discovered by +Don Prince

This is How Jesus was Healing People

Sunita was suffering from an incurable disease. All doctors as well as witch doctors failed to cure her. Now she had only one option, i.e. waiting for the death to come. One day her grief was changed into happiness when she prayed Jesus and her disease was cured magically.

We find many stories in Bible also where Jesus cured the disease of many people. How was Jesus healing people. Here is the scientific reason.

Human mind is the most difficult and mysterious part of universe. It has numerous powers that can do unlimited miracles which even the present science and technology can't do. One of the powers of mind is healing power that works with the faith of the person himself. But most of the people have lost this power due to the lack of faith and practice. Either Jesus or Krishna they healed diseases by activating the healing power of the patients themselves backed by their faith towards God.
Discovered by +Don Prince

How Were Things Remembered?

Rojina and Elina planned to go theater on Saturday. They promised to visit each other at 6 am in a place. But the absent minded Rojina forgot the plan. It was already 7 o'clock. She was still reading a book at home. Her brother suddenly started singing a song of the same  movie which she had planned to watch with Elina. Now she remembered the plan and ran towards the destination.

Everyone may have experienced such condition at least once in a year. What is the scientific reason behind it?

As your computer has many folders, your brain also has many folders that stores each and every  things inside it. You will remember the things forgotten exactly as you find the lost data with no expectation while searching some other things in your computer.
Discovered by +Don Prince, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Once upon a Time in Western Nepal

I had visited so many places in my countries. However I was much unknown with the western part of Nepal. It was really exciting time when my father and I headed towards the western part of Nepal. We were going at the final boundary of Nepal. The name of the city was Mahendra Nagar. Our vehicle moved towards Mahakali zone. We were only two in this long journey.

From which city is the western part of Nepal started? We got different answers from different people of Dhangadi. As we are in the eastern part of Nepal, we say Chitwan district as western Nepal, but in this long journey we were said by some people that even Chitwan and Butwal lies in the eastern part for them. Actually, western Nepal starts from Butwal according to them.

It was 11 PM when we crossed Narayani River. We couldn’t go ahead due to the bad climate. So we decided to go in the morning. In morning at 4 am we again moved from there. On the way we reached to the Daunne which was really interesting place as the highways were 7 km descending and 7 km ascending with risky turning. This place was much familiar for accidents. It was also known for the dangerous spot of civil war between Nepal army and underground Maoist army.

We had to cross 827 km and come back soon as the biggest festival Dashain was near. The speed of our vehicle was increasing. I calculated the estimated time to reach the different cities which was exactly correct. We really felt very good when we were on the land of Lord Buddha. But it was a matter of sorrows when we knew that even though Lord Buddha was born in Nepal, there was rumor on the border side that he was born in India. Actually Buddha was enlightened in India but he was born in Nepal.

It was very strange when we totally left eastern part of Nepal. We felt as we were out of our country. Moreover, the country was in the civil war at that time. It was very new for us when we found whole village being Maoists {terrorists in a word of the then government of Nepal}. The western part was notably influenced by the Maoists party. It was Bhaluwang place which used to face several firings as there was army base camp near the Maoist camp. It was risky to stay there at night. But our vehicle got problem at the bridge which was forcing us to stay there. But we succeeded to mend our vehicle and we went from there. The hills of Dhankhola were very risky for armies. The officials hardly crossed the hills as it was at high hills and the government’s vehicle used to be blasted with ambush by Maoist. We also found a village where Badi society was existed. The amazing thing is that the villagers are following the profession of prostitution.

The Bardia national park was very interesting. Some animals did not move from the road. The army used to check the timing of the vehicles to balance the speed of the vehicles for protecting the animals on the way. It was also known for a deadly tiger. It is said that when tiger tests the blood of man, it always seeks man for food. So the tiger was catching people from bus or bike. There was a place which was difficult to cross. When a vehicle used to be slow the tiger used to attack the people. Unfortunately, near the place a truck finished the diesel. It stopped us and asked for diesel. They were really very fearful and saying about the tiger. We gave them diesel and went from there.

When we reached border, I was called by a policeman, I did not recognize him, but he had seen me in my locality. He was very amazing by seeing me in that place. He told that there was border dispute problem. Sometimes there used to be firing between the armies of Nepal and India. The people were very suppressed by the Indian army. Even Indian people opposed this type of activity of the Indian government. Talking about the people, the people in the western Nepal are very rude in behaviors. But they are straight and open hear-ted.
Discovered by +Don Prince

What is the Meaning of Eating Soil by Lord Krishna?

Lord Krishna is one of the dearest characters in the life of many Hindus. He is a mysterious character in religious history. If we go through the life of Krishna, his each word, act and pranks have special spiritual meaning which is not known to anyone in this world.

Let us think about Krishna’s amazing act of eating soil in his childhood. No one can deny the fact that he is supreme God. He is most famous in Hinduism because he had come to this world with most of the qualities of lord Vishnu. So he is almighty God. Do you think a God can do such an unhealthy activity like eating soil? What may be the reason behind this?

This act interprets that lord Krishna was a patriot personality. Nationalism was one of the main characteristics of his personality even though he equally treated every states in the world. He made his own state ‘Dwarika’. Later this state sank due to the sin given to Krishna. Krishna died with his state and people which was also one of his pranks.
Discovered by +Don Prince

What is the Relationship between Krishna and Andal?

Some people criticize Lord Krishna by connecting his name with Sri Andal without knowing reality. The real story is that Sri Andal was born in Villiputhur in modern day Tamilnadu. There is a story behind her birth. One day Vishnuchittar a devotee of lord Vishnu was praying the God. He heard the cries of young baby coming from the direction of Tulasi plant. He started digging at the spot and found a casket with a baby. He named the baby Goda Devi [Go means earth and Da means given by earth]. Later she was known as Andal the great poetess and devotee of lord Vishnu. She also liked listening the stories of Ram and Krishna.

When Andal grew up her father started thinking about her marriage. He asked to Andal,"Whom will you marry. "Andal said, "Lord Ranganath is my husband.” Vishnuchittar wondered how it was possible to marry with Lord by a mortal girl like Andal. Ranganath is Lord Vishnu himself. He was also the family God of lord Ram.

One day lord Ranganath himself appeared in the dream of Vishnuchittar and asked Andal's hand as he loved her. He also appeared in the dream of the priest of Ranganath temple and ordered for the preparation of marriage. Then Andal was taken to the temple by a huge procession. There she married with the idol of lord Ranganath and disappeared in the sudden divine light coming from the idol.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Birgunj: the City of Terror

‘Hello, who are you looking for?’ A 9 years old child Nabin {name changed} receives the phone. ‘Yes, he is at home.’ He replied again when he was asked about his father. His father and mother never used to receive the phone with unknown number. He was innocent who received it and opened the door of terror at his home. His father Tika Prasad {name changed} talked in phone. After a second Tika Prasad started to sweat even in cold season. His wife Gita {name changed} was asking about what had happened. But Tika Prasad couldn’t speak even a word. Gita snatched the phone. Someone spoke, ‘We need 1 millions within seven days, otherwise we will kill your husband, and if you go to police your whole family will see the face of death.’

The situation was very pitiful. The fear rented a room in this house. They started living by locking the gate even in the day time. Tika Prasad couldn’t go to office for two days. He had to go to Jhapa by leaving Birgunj where he was staying with his family. His eldest son was a student in Kathmandu. So now Gita had to deal everything to save her husband from the criminals’ group. At the moment a person was shot dead by an underground gang in the city. This event made them more scared. Gita asked help with the house master who had already faced the same problems in the past.

In the afternoon, Gita was alone in the room. The phone rang. She received the phone. ‘I think you don’t care your husband.’ ‘Please brother, leave us, we are not as rich as you think. How can we pay so much money?’ ‘We know everything about you, see, if you don’t give us money, and then forget your husband. We have already finished so many people in the city.’ Now Gita had no words to say more. She requested and begged for the life of her husband but she could not convince them. Now there was only one option, she had to bargain with the criminals and manage money for them.

With the help of the house master Pitambar, she met so many underground criminals to bargain with that group. She with Pitambar went to very remote villages and met some criminals. The criminals who were sitting in the middle of weapons and guns wanted to cheat her. She couldn’t believe them. She was in vain cheated by them and lost some money. In another hand Tika Prasad was being psychologically depressed. Gita was thinking how the criminal’s group had the number. She suspected some staffs of the office that were against Tika Prasad who was an engineer. She was in search of the solution. But there was no solution except paying money for them.

Ultimately, Gita collected money and bargained with the criminals, they agreed in a definite point. She was called in Parwanipur which was about 10 km far from Birgunj city. When she reached the right destination determined by the criminals, there was no one. But a man who seems very poor and thin was grazing the buffaloes. Gita had not thought the person was the same person who used to call her. But the man gave signal to her. She followed him. In a remote place, she noticed some other people hiding with arms and weapons. She paid money. However she was not sure that she could be escaped from their trap. But she could return in same condition from there.
Discovered by +Don Prince

What is the Meaning of Stealing cloth by Krishna?

One day, some Gopinis were taking bath in a river. They had covered their body inside the water. But they were naked. It was their habitual activities. One day lord Krishna hid their cloth. When Gopinis didn’t see their cloth, they got scared. They screamed and looked here and there. They found lord Krishna sitting on a tree near them. First, they were very aggressive towards Krishna. But they thought they would not get cloth back from Krishna. So they normally requested Krishna to return their cloth. Krishna made them promise not to take bath naked in river. When they promised Krishna gave their cloth and went from there.

This event is very famous in Hindu philosophy. People described it differently, positively and negatively too. What the actual meaning of stealing cloth by Krishna? Actually, there is not hidden meaning behind it. Simply and normally lord Krishna is against obscene behaviors of human beings. So he taught whole world through this incident not to do such activity. Finally Krishna was a child. What can be the meaning another than it?
Discovered by +Don Prince

What is the Meaning of Showing Universe by Lord Krishna?

An interesting event comes in the life of Lord Krishna when his mother Yasodha asked him to open his mouth so as to examine whether he may have eaten soil again because he had a habit of eating soil. Yasodha had warned him several times. However he had eaten soil. So he did not open his mouth. Yasodha scolded and forced him to open his mouth. Now he had to open his mouth. When he opened his mouth Yasodha became very surprised and also fearful because she saw whole universe in the mouth of Krishna.

This act has a special meaning, i.e. he loves everyone in the universe. He had a plan to serve to helpless people by making several houses and palaces. This is further proven when he released 16,100 girls from the trap of Narakasur. The society did not give support to those girls to settle common life in the society but it was lord Krishna who helped them to settle independently.
Discovered by +Don Prince

What is the Relationship between Krishna and Mirabai?

Some people demoralize Krishna by connecting him with Mirabai without knowing Mira's life story. But reality is that Mira and Krishna had come to this world in different era. Mira, a Hindu mystical poetess and singer was born around the beginning of 16th century in the village of Kurki, near Merta, Rajsthan. When she was 3 years old, a saint came to her family's home and gave an idol of Shree Krishna. During her childhood, she noticed a marriage procession in front of her house. When she saw the bridegroom she asked her mother innocently," Dear mother who is my bridegroom? "Then her mother smiled and said to her," My dear daughter, Lord Krishna, this idol is your bridegroom "There after she started talking everyday and night with the statue of Krishna.

At the age of sixteen, her marriage was fixed with a prince of Chittorgarh. But her true love for Krishna did not let her continue her marital relationship. She used to go to the temple of Lord Krishna, worship, sing and dance before the image everyday. Her mother in law and other ladies of the house did not like the ways of her. They started annoying her. Even her husband could not understand her. But he died fighting in battle with the Moghal emperors. Mira was forced to perform Sati but she did not do saying that Krishna is her real husband. After that her family started to torture her. They also tried to kill her. Finally she decided to leave the palace. Secretly with some followers, she slipped out of the palace and went to Vrindavan. She had determined to spend her life in the devotion of Lord Krishna. She wrote many songs and poem on Shree Krishna. Her fame and reputation spread far and wide.

One day an amazing event happened in the Krishna temple of Dwarka. The sanctum doors got closed themselves. Later on when the doors were opened, Mira had been vanished there and her Sari was found wrapped around the idol of Shree Krishna. Actually, Mira was the incarnation of Radha. She was taken by the idol of Lord Krishna.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Is Witch Real?

It was summer season. The climate was very hot. So I was sleeping out of my room because I thought the blowing air could help me to sleep well whole. In midnight I was in dream world. However I was half a way getting up. I felt something catching my throat. Now I was totally out of the sleep, I couldn’t decide what to do. Neither could I speak even a word there. I quickly decided to fight whatever it was. I caught the thing which was getting me problem and threw it out. It suddenly ran away. It was nothing but a cat. Tomorrow in the morning there was something red in my legs. The whole day a cat was crying in the bush where the cat had run away. I was a teen aged student at that time. So I asked some relatives about it. They all said the same thing that it was witch which attacked me in form of a cat.

Now I have a question how can a human be a cat and attack other? If it is real then why the witch is not taking the form of dangerous tiger to attack other instead of being a coward and weak cat? Just think, what could I do if I had been attacked by a tiger instead of a cat in the event mentioned above? In fact, it was not the attack by witch but it was only physical problems with my body.
Here is another interesting event about my relative. His buffalo left giving milk. According the suggestions of other villagers, he decided to catch the witch which caused this problem. At night he was waiting the witch. A cat came and started taking milk from the buffalo. According to the previous plan taught by the villagers he suddenly caged the cat with a basket and circled it by the ashes. In the morning there was an old woman inside the basket. The old woman begged pardon and promised not to do this type of activity in future. So she was released.
I was a child when I heard this event in my village. Today I am very surprised of the superiors who being matured men were spreading such a nonsense rumors. Here is a question to ask who believes such a silly thing that why is the so called witch not going to rub the house or bank in form of cat instead of stealing miner milk of the buffalo?  In that way she could buy so many buffaloes and she did not have to go for stealing milk to other houses.
A woman fell sick very badly in my village. It was said there was fish in her belly. There used to be a big crowd in that house. I was a primary level student at that time. I asked about it with many people. They said that she was attacked by a witch. So she can’t live more. Then after some days she died. It was really a dangerous attack if it was by any witch.
Today I have an answer of my curiosity. It was nothing except a type of disease which was defined as a witch attack by so many people. I have a question for them, if a witch can kill other by sitting in her own house without any weapons then why your government is not using this idea to kill enemies and secure the state? It could reduce the expenses of the country as there was no need of more armies, weapons and modern training. Only all the armies would learn that the spell of witch and could defeat the enemies by sleeping on the bed of own house.
Sometimes, in some villages, a patient starts speaking being the spirit of witch and describes who the witch is and why she is attacking the person and so one. But there is only psychological cause, nothing except this. Is there scientific proof of witch? No, and never will there be. My friend told me he has seen a witch with his own eyes at midnight. I know he never speaks lie, however I can’t believe it because I have a concept about it that he must have seen someone in midnight alone practicing witchcraft. That lady may be trying to learn witchcraft to revenge her enemies. But she can never be success to learn it because it is not real. She might have been cheated by someone and instructed her to do those activities to learn witchcraft. Just you can see so many books on spells in the market. That is nothing else making people foolish and making cash from their foolishness. Ultimately she can never learn it; rather, she may be caught by someone else and punished by the villagers charging to be a witch.

If you believe that the witch is real do you have answers of the following question?
- Why is a witch poor not rich?
- Why is a witch ugly not beautiful?
- Why is a witch old not young?
- Why is a witch helpless not strong?
- Why is a witch often a woman not a man?
- Why is a witch found in village not in city?
I know you don’t have answer of these questions. But the answer is very easy. The answers are given below:
- A witch is poor because people can’t dare to blame a rich to be a witch.
- A witch is ugly because in the stories witch is dangerous and ugly.
- A witch is old because new generation doesn’t believe witchcraft.
- A witch is helpless because it is not easy to trouble helpless.
- A witch is woman because it is one of the traditional ways to exploit woman by man.
- A witch is found in village because there is good education in cities.
Violence in the name of witchcraft is common in our country Nepal. Not only in Nepal but also in American countries, European countries women are exploited by charging witchcraft. This type of exploitation can’t be ended till there is strict law, good education as well as national and international level campaign.

How Witch Attack
I wrote against the belief of the witch in my previous post. In this post I am going to explain how witch attacks. Don’t be confused. In previous post I described witch which as traditional. I am going to describe the witch which is scientific.

I mean to say that some women or man can harm or attack other with special power. This power is not spiritual. This is scientific. You may heard some incident in your community where a patient explains who is troubling in from of witch doctor. When some one is sick due to witch effect.

Actually they control the mind of patent by hypnotizing. They insert believe faith in them .They are attacked.

How to get rid of?

Better go to good certified hypnotist. Do not believe on ghost or witch. Be bold.
Discovered by +Don Prince

How to Chase Ghost?

It happened when I was a little child. My grand mother was sick. My grand father and uncle were talking in the mid night. Something appeared in front of them. It had eyes in its chest and looked very fearful. It was a type of ghost which was called 'Murkatta' in our community. Before it attacks, my grand father chased the ghost away. Tomorrow in the morning my grand father and uncle explained it.

How did my grand father chase the ghost? How to chase ghost? If you ask this question to your grand father he will say that there is only one best way of chasing the ghost, i.e. burn fire. This is really very effective way to chase the ghost. The interesting thing is that the ghost definitely runs away if you burn fire. But have you ever thought why did ghost run away when you burn fire? What is the scientific reason behind it? The answer is very simple. When it is very dark and you get scared of ghost your mind will make the sketch of ghost and your eyes will see any object as ghost in front of you or your ear will start hearing the sound of ghost which is only your illusion. When you burn fire you will clearly see the object and there is no chance of illusion. Then you will be confirmed that there is no ghost and you won’t hear any sound of ghost.
Discovered by +Don Prince

How Does Ghost Attack?

'National Discovery' went to a village to research on ghost attack where a woman told a very interesting experience. She had a sister who used to go to the tap to bring water very early in the morning. One day when she was about to carry the water jar, she could not help herself. She felt someone standing back. So she asked for the help. Then she was answered, ' begging help without knowing'. When she looked back there was no one. She came to home and explained it to her sister. Then suddenly she started vomiting and died. Because according to the belief in the village, it was ghost which roamed in early morning.

Another man told another event. His friend had got up very early in the morning about 3 am which is believed to be the right time for ghost arrival. His house was besides the road. When he was standing near the road, a white horse came there, looked him and passed from there. Then he died because the white horse was a kind of ghost which roamed like that. If the horse sees the man, the man will die.

He told another event, it was a midnight. A woman was sleeping alone at home. Her husband had gone to city to work. Someone knocked at the door. She was quite. Then there was a sound coming from the door. The woman recognized the voice. It was her husband who was calling her to open the door. When her husband called her, she said, ' yeah, I am coming.' When she opened the door, there was no one at the door. She died at the moment because it was belief that ghost may call like that by making duplicate voice. If anyone replies up to three calls of the ghost will die. That is why in the village, if some one calls at the night, the reply only after the third times call.

We heard so many events about ghost attack in that village. Then we conclude that there is no strength in the story and arguments of the villagers. We did not find any story where the ghost attacks directly like a tiger or a murderer. All the stories seem to be imaginary stories. We don't believe on those types of ghost attacks. Neither do we believe on any type of ghost till now.

Now let us talk about an interesting matter of horror movies. If you watch old Indian horror movies, you will notice one common thing in all movies that the character who is going to be killed by ghost or who is being annoyed by ghost will see ghost. Other characters can’t see ghost even though they are staying together. Why? The answer is very interesting. Watching unreal thing like ghost is a type of psychological disorder. Who suffer from this disorder will see ghost, interact with it and may be attacked and die. Although that attack is not real, his death becomes real. Actually he is not killed by ghost but by his fear which is ghost for him. While talking about movie the writer is unknowingly familiar with this fact. So he makes the story where a character sees the ghost but other can not see it.
Discovered by +Don Prince