Some children are disobedient by nature. But they may obey immediately if they are praised. Not only children but some grown ups also have such nature. what will a miser mother say if she is asked by her daughter to buy an expensive thing? She may reply something like this, ''It's out of use for you'' Now let's go back to past and let the daughter say like this before she asks for the thing, ''You are looking beautiful on this dress.'' Then what will be the answer from mother.  Definitely she will say, ''OK, sure.''

Our conscious  mind filters every suggestion, request and order before we implement them. But when we are praised before any command, it enters into our subconscious mind without being filtered by our conscious  mind. Think that it's like a security Guard who didn't check a relative to enter bank. When subconscious mind records any commands, it sends signal to the conscious mind, Then the command is immediately implemented by our conscious mind.
Discovered by +Don Prince