What is love? I have asked this question to myself many times in different ages of my life. I got different answers every time I asked this question to myself. Finally I came to the right point  and concluded that love actually has different meaning depending on your life experience. Just for example, love, for a innocent child is nothing, for a teenager is everything, for a grown up is something and for a matured is still a question mark.

The philosophy of love differs from one professional to another. It's subject matter for a poet, weapon for a  politician and a type of psychological disorder for a psychiatric. Yeah, I specially support the psychological point of view regarding this term because I am also a psychologist in the words of my some well wishers . Love is undeclared psychological disorder founded by not certified psychiatric. It is because how much you love upon someone depends on how crazy you are for someone.

Everything has minimum, optimum and maximum point. Either love or hatred, it should be up to optimum point. More or less from this point is abnormal point. Least or highest point is the state of loss of consciousness. So if you are in search of a partner who gives you unlimited love, it's not bad to say that you are in search of a partner who has no control over himself.
Discovered by +Don Prince