Sati Cursed Nepal

Bhimsen Thapa, the first prime minister of Nepal was a patriot leader. He is the prime minister ruling the longest period as prime minister in Nepal. It was exactly Bhimsen Thapa who fought Anglo Nepal War in 1814 AD.

But the end of Bhimsen Thapa was very tragic. He was imprisoned and told that his wife would have to walk naked on the street in the very next day. He then committed suicide and left the world forever.
His wife’s name was Sati. Sati cursed Nepal saying may Nepal never get peace and prosperity in future. Today Sati is not living with us. But may be her curse is still alive.

Sati is also the first wife of Lord Mahadev who burned herself in the answer of the dishonor made upon her husband by her father.But the wife of Bhimsen Thapa is a different character. However some people in Nepal are still confused whether who Sati was.

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  1. his wife's name wasn't sati. sati refers to a widow who self immolates herself in her husband's funeral pyre.

    when bhimsen thapa's wife entered the fire, she cursed the country.

  2. Thank you for this comment. Sati is obviously a system in Hinduism in our society in which a woman had to immolate herself with the funeral pyre of her husband. It is said that a woman called Sati cursed Nepal. But there is confusion that the name Sati is referred to the wife of God Mahadev or the wife of Bhimsen Thapa. So I wrote this post saying she was the wife of Bhimsen Thapa. If you have any new concept with proof and source then please comment back.