Most famous music contest  of India ''SA RE GA MA PA'' was going on. Samim was one of the contestant. He was a nice singer with melodious and unique voice. Everyone in his town had a good hope on him. But he performed so badly that he couldn't pass even the first round. He said, '' I knew it before I was going to perform.''

Either music contest or street drama, school assembly or political conference, wherever we perform we unknowingly know ourselves how our performance will be. Just ask yourself a question like ''How do I perform?'' Whatever your mind answers, you will face the same.

Performance is triggered by subconscious mind. If you think or say '' I can't perform well , your subconscious mind takes this suggestion seriously and will materialize it. So try to convince your mind that you can perform brilliantly. Success will itself arrive to knock at your door.
Discovered by +Don Prince