Dashain is the major festival of Hindus. The 8th day of Dashain is Maha Ashthami. This day some parts of Hindu states experience heavy rainfall. Indira Timalsina, a housewife has noticed this fact from her childhood. In return of a question of National Discovery, she said, '' This day, animals like goats, buffaloes are sacrificed everywhere by Hindus. My grandmother told me that the rainfall on this day is the tears of sacrificed animals.'' This fact has raised a question. Do animals have sense?

National Discovery reached to a doctor Hari Prapanna Timalsina. He said, ''Animals have no sense. They can't think like human beings. Neither have they any emotion.'' But we don't accept those statements of science and appeal the scientists of the world to rethink on this theory.

Here is a short description of an event narrated by Sub inspector Ramesh Timalsina. He said, ''It was season of Dashain festival. Our police team bought a big goat from the village nearby our office. When one of policemen tried to cut it, the goat threw itself on the feet of the police. Tears were rolling down from its eyes. After a while another tried. The goat did the same. It continued every time till we returned it to the villager, its owner.

Let's think with a common sense. When a goat is cut near another, other cries with fear. Animals are faithful towards their owner. They recognize them. They have feeling of love, anger, emotion and fear. In this condition how can anyone say that animals have no sense?
Discovered by +Don Prince