'' I want to learn Mohini Mantra with you.'' I was shocked when he requested me. It was first time he was talking with me. However we knew each other. We studied in a same school. He was a son of my teacher. '' Yeah, he loves a girl.So he wants to persuade her. He needs your help for that.'' A familiar friend who was accompanied with him told me like this. They were at grade 9 and I was at grade 8. '' Who the hell told you that I could do the nonsense like that?'' I said them and they left.

Here is another issue about Mohini Mantra. A person in my hometown became mad. One day a girl nearby him reported that it's all the effect of Mohini  Mantra thrown by a girl. My grandfather also supported the matter. After 15 years I asked my grandfather. '' Is there any Mohini Mantra that can persuade a lover?'' He said, '' All Fakes.''

If you open a dictionary and look up English meaning of Mohini then you will find the word Hypnosis. Yes, Mohini is the exact meaning of hypnosis. So Mohini Mantra is not a divine power, it's a science of hypnotism and being hypnotizing by non certified person can cause mental disease on the victim.
Discovered by +Don Prince