How Literature Exposes Writers

People by nature exposes their attitudes, feeling , concept and philosophy through different unknown mediums. One of them is literature.

Literature is the open pages of the life of a writer. A writer creates his creation according to his attitude, feeling, sentiment and philosophy. For example, a woman is interested to write about condition of women in society. A teenager writes romantic stories and poems. An struggling person writes about the reality of life and so on.

These are only some examples. A detail about the writer can be brought out if his/her creations are analyzed deeply.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

Do Animals Have Sense?

Dashain is the major festival of Hindus. The 8th day of Dashain is Maha Ashthami. This day some parts of Hindu states experience heavy rainfall. Indira Timalsina, a housewife has noticed this fact from her childhood. In return of a question of National Discovery, she said, '' This day, animals like goats, buffaloes are sacrificed everywhere by Hindus. My grandmother told me that the rainfall on this day is the tears of sacrificed animals.'' This fact has raised a question. Do animals have sense?

National Discovery reached to a doctor Hari Prapanna Timalsina. He said, ''Animals have no sense. They can't think like human beings. Neither have they any emotion.'' But we don't accept those statements of science and appeal the scientists of the world to rethink on this theory.

Here is a short description of an event narrated by Sub inspector Ramesh Timalsina. He said, ''It was season of Dashain festival. Our police team bought a big goat from the village nearby our office. When one of policemen tried to cut it, the goat threw itself on the feet of the police. Tears were rolling down from its eyes. After a while another tried. The goat did the same. It continued every time till we returned it to the villager, its owner.

Let's think with a common sense. When a goat is cut near another, other cries with fear. Animals are faithful towards their owner. They recognize them. They have feeling of love, anger, emotion and fear. In this condition how can anyone say that animals have no sense?
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Games Theory in Psychology

Game is the best way to analysis the nature of a person. As game explores the habits of a player, the player can be rightly exposed with his negative and positive behaviors. See an example below.

Rahul was playing chess with his friend. In 5 minutes of the game Rahul was noticed to be cheater, nervous and dull. Finally he got angry and left the game incomplete.

Now the above activities of Rahul give us the following hints about him:
- He can't be trusted in life.
- He lacks confidence.
- He is dull.
- He leaves the work incomplete.

So analyzing a person through game is like seeing a person through a mirror. But remember that it is a rough estimation. It is not accurate.
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Reference to the Boon of Gorakhnath for PN Shah

PN Shah, the founder of Nepal was said to get blessings by Gorakhnath God. Gorakhnath gave boon to him to own the land stepped over by him. The saying is still alive in Nepalese history. 

The contemporary society was direction-less. Everything used to be explained depending on rumor and estimation. Same thing might have happened with some issues of PN Shah. The above mentioned fact is just one of them. Actually, PN Shah might have been given such blessing by Gorakhnath in his dream which was explained later as a true event in history.
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How Was Sports Started?

I have a new idea about how sports started in the world. Yes, there might be other records. This is just one of the new concepts.

History of sports is related to development of civilization. Primitive  people used to live nomadic and lonely life. When agriculture began, society began. Now the society needed ruler. How to choose a ruler? This question remained as a puzzle for a long time.

Discussion began in many societies. Different societies of the world brought out different solutions. People thought that a ruler should be powerful to safeguard people and state. So they firstly gave priority to wrestling. Some societies gave recognition to running. In course of time when the system of choosing a ruler by wresting, running etc became common, people started doing lots of practices. In the long run, their practices got formal recognition of sports.
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Why Do Children Obey If They are Praised?

Some children are disobedient by nature. But they may obey immediately if they are praised. Not only children but some grown ups also have such nature. what will a miser mother say if she is asked by her daughter to buy an expensive thing? She may reply something like this, ''It's out of use for you'' Now let's go back to past and let the daughter say like this before she asks for the thing, ''You are looking beautiful on this dress.'' Then what will be the answer from mother.  Definitely she will say, ''OK, sure.''

Our conscious  mind filters every suggestion, request and order before we implement them. But when we are praised before any command, it enters into our subconscious mind without being filtered by our conscious  mind. Think that it's like a security Guard who didn't check a relative to enter bank. When subconscious mind records any commands, it sends signal to the conscious mind, Then the command is immediately implemented by our conscious mind.
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How to Present Brilliant Performance?

Most famous music contest  of India ''SA RE GA MA PA'' was going on. Samim was one of the contestant. He was a nice singer with melodious and unique voice. Everyone in his town had a good hope on him. But he performed so badly that he couldn't pass even the first round. He said, '' I knew it before I was going to perform.''

Either music contest or street drama, school assembly or political conference, wherever we perform we unknowingly know ourselves how our performance will be. Just ask yourself a question like ''How do I perform?'' Whatever your mind answers, you will face the same.

Performance is triggered by subconscious mind. If you think or say '' I can't perform well , your subconscious mind takes this suggestion seriously and will materialize it. So try to convince your mind that you can perform brilliantly. Success will itself arrive to knock at your door.
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What is Love?

What is love? I have asked this question to myself many times in different ages of my life. I got different answers every time I asked this question to myself. Finally I came to the right point  and concluded that love actually has different meaning depending on your life experience. Just for example, love, for a innocent child is nothing, for a teenager is everything, for a grown up is something and for a matured is still a question mark.

The philosophy of love differs from one professional to another. It's subject matter for a poet, weapon for a  politician and a type of psychological disorder for a psychiatric. Yeah, I specially support the psychological point of view regarding this term because I am also a psychologist in the words of my some well wishers . Love is undeclared psychological disorder founded by not certified psychiatric. It is because how much you love upon someone depends on how crazy you are for someone.

Everything has minimum, optimum and maximum point. Either love or hatred, it should be up to optimum point. More or less from this point is abnormal point. Least or highest point is the state of loss of consciousness. So if you are in search of a partner who gives you unlimited love, it's not bad to say that you are in search of a partner who has no control over himself.
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God is Living with Us

''Is God really existed? If he does, why can't we see him?'' These two childish questions are common in the crowd of foolish people. We have to turn over the pages of ancient history to know all about it.

History is the proof that God is all the age living with people. In reference to Hinduism, the oldest religion of the world, God is with people in all ages as Ram, Krishna, etc. If we read other religions, every chapter reminds us by shouting that God is always with people with similar form.

Following the rule of God as past, God is  living with us even in this 21st century. However everyone can't see God. Because God is spiritual and only can be seen with spiritual eyes.
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Do Snakes Response Music?

Some Indian movies represent the stories of  Naag and Naagin {snakes} in which those snakes are willingly and sometimes unwillingly attracted with a special type of music. Following the stories people exhibit it in the market by taking snakes so as to get paid by the mass.

Do snakes have ears? Can they hear sound? For the kind information, snakes can definitely hear and it hears with its tongue.
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What is Mohini Mantra? Real or Fake?

'' I want to learn Mohini Mantra with you.'' I was shocked when he requested me. It was first time he was talking with me. However we knew each other. We studied in a same school. He was a son of my teacher. '' Yeah, he loves a girl.So he wants to persuade her. He needs your help for that.'' A familiar friend who was accompanied with him told me like this. They were at grade 9 and I was at grade 8. '' Who the hell told you that I could do the nonsense like that?'' I said them and they left.

Here is another issue about Mohini Mantra. A person in my hometown became mad. One day a girl nearby him reported that it's all the effect of Mohini  Mantra thrown by a girl. My grandfather also supported the matter. After 15 years I asked my grandfather. '' Is there any Mohini Mantra that can persuade a lover?'' He said, '' All Fakes.''

If you open a dictionary and look up English meaning of Mohini then you will find the word Hypnosis. Yes, Mohini is the exact meaning of hypnosis. So Mohini Mantra is not a divine power, it's a science of hypnotism and being hypnotizing by non certified person can cause mental disease on the victim.
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Secret of Magic in Market

When I was a child, I used to see magic of magician in market. After watching, I used to ask a question to myself, '' What is the secret of magic in the market?''

I had determined I would do a deep research in future. Today I am grown up enough to research on this topic. Although it is only my individual concept, it is best to share it in this article.

There are three secrets of magic shown in market. They are:
1. Trick of hand- It's like an art in which people are deceived by the magician.
2. Science- Science is magic for innocents. Isn't it?
3. Hypnosis- Some hypnotists use hypnosis method professionally which is still a subject to research.
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Meaning of Getting Job in Dream

Some job seekers get job in their dream. As a result some get job really in the interview whereas some get nothing. So getting job in dream is a vague signal.

After interviewing some dreamers, National Discovery has reached in the point that most of the people who get job in dream is the result of extreme need of job in their lives.
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Footprints of Yeti in Nepal

Yeti is a powerful, amazing and frightening animal in Hollywood movies. It is famous character in western folk stories where it has sense like man but is depicted as evil. The Yeti of western dream has been found in eastern society in reality. Scientists have noticed the footprints of Yeti in Himalayan region of Nepal. But it is still not proven completely.

Yeti is also called snowy man {Him Manav}as it lives in Himalayan region. The famous movie Mummy series, in second last series, has clear story about Yeti. This  movie has presented it to be positive towards human being.
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Shrawan Kumar Pond

Shrawan Kumar is an unforgettable character in Ramayana. Uncertain death of Shrawan Kumar became the background of whole Ramayana story.

The pond where Shrawan Kumar was mistakenly killed by king Dashrath is found in the bank of Trishuli River in Chitwan district of Nepal.

After a short visit, National Discovery Channel found that the pond is not being managed by the concerned entity.
Discovered by +Don Prince

What Happened to Radha after Krishna Left Vrindavan?

Watch a video on YouTube to know what happened to Radha after Krishna left Vrindavan,

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Did Lord Krishna marry Radha? What happened to Radha after Krishna left her? Did they meet again? These questions are always remaining a puzzle in our religious history. Even the Purans are silent about this. Srimati Radha is a mysterious character in Hinduism. Some significant facts of her life are justified to mention here in order to meet the lost truth about her. These facts are:
a. She is incarnation of Goddess Laxmi.
b. The word "Srimati" is kept before her name.
c. Her birthday is celebrated as "Radha Ashthami".
d. She was elder than Krishna.
e. She was in love with Krishna from her younger age.
f. She was Krishna's most favorite.
g. She is the strength of Krishna
h. It is said that she had secret Gandarva marriage with Krishna.
i. She is the principle consort of Lord Krishna.
j. It is said that someone had cursed her to be separated from Krishna.
k. Her parents forced her to marry with another but she protested it.
l. She looked very beautiful.
m. Her love to Krishna had no bound.

There is no matter of doubt that Radha is the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi and Krishna is that of Lord Vishnu. In every incarnation Laxmi, in word of herself, can be the wife of only Vishnu. So it is absolutely right that God Brahma made Radha and Krishna get married secretly in the forest. Krishna had gone Mathura promising to Radha that he would be come back soon. But the chapter of Radha was closed then after. Radha became like a side character of a movie disappearing after the interval. Did Krishna come back to Radha? Why he married Rukmini? The question becomes more difficult which can't be answered without analyzing the life of Rukmini.

Srimati Rukmini was the daughter of Vismaka, the king of Vidharba. She heard the story of Krishna from her early life. She loved Krishna and hopped that one day he would come, meet and marry her. But her brother Rukmi forced her to marry with Shishupal, the prince of his neighboring kingdom but she protested. She sent a letter to Krishna saying him to steal her away. She also mentioned in letter that if Krishna did not come, she would commit suicide as she loved Krishna and she could marry Krishna only. Finally, Krishna came and abducted her.

Some questions arise here. Krishna loved Radha. He had promised Radha to come back {see how Krishna left Radha}. So Radha was waiting Krishna in Vrindavan. But instead of going to Vrindavan, Krishna went Vidharba and married Rukmini. According to this story Krishna and Rukmini had never met each other. How did Krishna become ready to marry Rukmini whom he had never seen? Rukmini was ready to die in love of Krishna. How a person can love someone so deeply without seeing? Krishna's glory was famous everywhere. Many princesses might be ready to die for him if they could get Krishna as their life partner. Could Krishna marry all of them? Never, But one letter of Rukmini easily made Krishna take risk to steal her from marriage ceremony. This proves that Krishna and Rukmini already had love relationship. They had already met each other for several times but when?

The most reliable source of Hinduism 'Mahabharat' has clearly read Rukmini as incarnation of Goddess Laxmi and the queen of Krishna. Rukmini is also regarded as the incarnation of Radha in Hindu Society. There are many aspects of the life of Rukmini which absolutely match with the life of Radha. Some of them are:
a. She is incarnation of Goddess Laxmi.
b. The word "Srimati" is kept before her name.
c. Her birthday is celebrated as "Rukmini Ashthami".
d. She was elder than Krishna.
e. She was in love with Krishna from her younger age.
f. She was Krishna's most favorite.
g. She is the strength of Krishna.
h. She had Gandarva marriage with Krishna.
i. She is the principle consort of Lord Krishna.
j. It is said that she was cursed by sage Durvasa to be separated from Krishna.
k. She was forced by her brother to marry with Sishupal but she protested.
l. She looked very beautiful.
m. Her love to Krishna had no bound.

The above features give us hints that Radha and Rukmini might have been same character. They are not different at all. Rukmini is just spiritual representation of Radha. They are one. That's why when Krishna is depicted with Radha we don’t see Rukmini and when he is depicted with Rukmini we don’t see Radha both in temples and old pictures. Moreover, we can notice the idols of Rukmini and Radha. They look same. Likewise, the word 'Radha' is nowhere in any ancient scriptures including Mahabharat. Even 'Srimad Vagawat', the story of Krishna has no mention of Radha. Neither is she mentioned in any Purans written in the Chaitanya era.

But Mahabharat describes an unknown Gopi who is the favorite of Krishna whom he plays with as a young boy. She is described as special to Krishna. And the unknown Gopi might have been Rukmini who is described as Radha in latest scriptures like Padma Puran, Gita Govinda etc. That's why till 18th century we don’t find Radha Krishna temples. We find only Krishna temples.

Srimati Rukmini was a princess, the daughter of King Vishmaka where as Radha was a simple cowherd girl, the daughter of Vrishvanu. If Rukmini and Radha are same, then how a person can have two identities and two parents? This question can play in the mind of any one. Vishmaka may be the real parents of Rukmini. There was an evil called Putana who used to kill the children by making them suck her poisonous milk. Putana snatched a divine child Rukmini from Vidharba .But as she was flying Rukmini became excessively heavy. Putana left her into the lotus flower. Then she was found by Vrishvanu and her wife Kriti. Then they accepted her as their daughter who is renowned as Radha today. When Krishna left Vrindavan, king Vishmaka is known with this truth that Radha is his lost daughter, so he took her with him. Krishna knew it so he married Rukmini, his Radha. This is the main reason the ending of Radha is mystery whereas ending of Rukmini is clearly mentioned. There is another point to be considered that in the one hand the early life of Rukmini before she married Krishna is unknown and in the other hand Radha's story is vanished when Krishna left Vrindavan. It means when there was Radha, there was no Rukmini. Similarly, when there was Rukmini, there was no Radha. In this way it is proved that Radha and Rukmini are same.

Krishna, infect, is all love, truth, peace, service, ideal, friendship and simplicity whereas Radha is female manifestation of those same qualities. If Krishna is sun, Radha is sunlight. If Krishna is Shaktiman, Radha is Shakti. Shree Krishna is the soul of Radha and Radha is surely soul of Shree Krishna. Shree Radha is the feminine aspects of Shree Krishna and is non-different from Krishna. They are one not different. Shree Radha is the presiding goddess of Shree Krishna and Shree Krishna is the god of Shree Radha. When we study the mythological meaning, the names Radha and Krishna have same meaning. In Krishna Story, Krishna and Radha wear dress of each other. And Radha becomes Krishna and Krishna becomes Radha. This story has clear proof and sign that they are one. The word Radha means the greatest lover and worshiper of Krishna. So Radha is Krishna's dream girl, his god and even music. Krishna finds Radha in his flute and song. And he finds Radha in his beloved. So he lovingly calls his beloved as Radha or Radhika.

{Also read What Happened to Radha After Krishna Left Vrindavan? Part-II}

Discovered by Don Prince

The Sacred Love of Gopinis with Krishna

A farmer had three sons. Those sons had been already separated along with property of the farmers. In other word, they had got their parental property divided among them. After a few years the farmer died. The sons got a letter of the farmer written for each of them. The letter reads like this, ”Dear sons, I have something for you all in my cupboard.”

The sons became very happy thinking that their father might have left property for them. But when they opened the cupboard they found only soil in a bag. The sons started thinking about it. They understood the meaning of their father according to their own attitude. The eldest son was too laborious. So he told, ”Our father has left soil for us. He means to say that labor brings riches. If we labor hard, we should not depend on others for wealth.” Then he started working hard in his field. The younger son was very lazy and he used to believe in fate. So he understood it like this,” Our father has left soil for us. It means he is telling us that he has kept gold and money beneath our field. ” Then he started to search in his field. Now, there comes the turn of the youngest son. He was careless. He told, ”Our father means to tell us that everything has mixed up with soil. Now there is no meaning of expecting anything.” Then he left thinking about it.

Here comes the same situation with Lord Krishna. People talk ill of him relating with the so called 16000 Gopinis. First of all it should be clear that those 16000 were not Gopinis. They were those girls who were kidnapped by a demon called Narakasur and later set free by Krishna. In the other hand there is a question that who counted the number of Gopinis? Besides, there is a point one must notice that Krishna’s friends in Vrindavan comprise both male and female. In fact one can not understand Krishna reading just for 10 or 15 minutes about him. One should spend whole life to understand his life and philosophy. 

We offer flowers to God. But have we ever thought why we offer flower to God? It is because love is God. And flower is the symbol of love. Moreover, it is known to all that Lord Krishna is the symbol of love. Love of Krishna with Radha refers to the love between two lovers. But the love of Krishna with that of Gopinis refers to love between human being and divine spirit, a man to another, a son to mother, a brother to sister, a friend to another and so on. Relation of Krishna with Gopinis tells us, ”If you love someone, you should not go to temple to worship God. If you are loved by someone you should not go anywhere to find out God.” Only uneducated or too much educated man can point out against the character of Shree Krishna. A truthful devotee of Krishna never blames like that. Because he knows that goodness is Krishna and Krishna is goodness. He is an ideal personality and the real God.  God never can be immoral.

There is a story about little Krishna. One day some Gopinis were taking a bath in a river. They were clotheless. Shree Krishna hid their clothes and stayed on a tree. Gopinis asked him for their clothes. But Krishna did not give it back. At last Gopinis promised not to take a bath undressed. Then Krishna returned their clothes.

This story has clear interpretation about Shree Krishna. Krishna was on a tree in a distance from Gopinis. It means that Krishna was inside the boundary. He gave a lesson not to be obscene. He means to say that immoral act is never acceptable. Rather it is punishable. A devotee should be good in character. Krishna who gave teaching to be moral never can be immoral. Definitely, he loved Gopinis and Gopinis loved him. But there was no passion at all. At the time, he was only 7 years old. We know what kind of relation there can be between a 7 years old child and grownups Gopinis. Talking their relation as a passion is really ridiculous.

Reality of the Story about 16100 Girls with Lord Krishna

Just for a moment, think that you are God. Someone prayed you and asked to fulfill the wish that no man could kill him. First of all you told him to ask another boon as it was impossible. But he told that if you could give any boon, then only that the same. Otherwise he would go empty hand. So you had to give him the same. Now answer how can you finish him if he is doing evil and his death has been the need of time? Same happened with Lord Krishna.

Narakasur was a demon who had got boon from God that no man could kill him. Being arrogant with the power, he bothered everyone. He kidnapped about 16100 girls and made them captive. His death had been essential for the welfare of the world. So Krishna along with Rukmini {not Satyavama} marched for the war with Narakasur. When they were blocked by a demon called Mura, Krishna killed him {so Krishna is called Murare}.Thereafter a fierce battle was fought with Narakasur. Narakasur had been protected by God's blessing. So by God's power he could even injure Krishna. But suddenly Narakasur was attacked up to death by Rukmini. Narakasur shouted," Oh God, you deceived me" Lord Krishna told," It was not betrayal, Narakasur. You told no man could kill you. And you are not killed by man but by woman" Then Narakasur died.

Lord Krishna and Rukmini released all 16100 girls. But there was still a problem for those16100 girls as it was very strict society at that time. The girls kidnapped by demon could not get space in the society. So Lord Krishna built some palaces for them and provided them food, cloth and shelter.

Unfortunately, those 16100 girls were called the wives of Lord Krishna {but Mahabharat does not tell like that} which was not true at all. Even today in 21st century, if a man gives shelter to a woman, our society comments negatively. So there is no matter of surprise that Lord Krishna's mercy towards those 16100 girls was criticized in that way by the then society. There are many social servers in this world who have given help to many women by establishing many social organizations. Are those women wives of those social servers? If not we can't blame Krishna.
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Untold Story of Radha and Krishna

Watch the untold story of Radha and Krishna on YouTube,

Or, continue reading.

Today I am going to write an untold story of Radha and Krishna which is never written in any scripture, literature and manuscript of the world. Neither can it be read in any site of the internet. This story must be read by a Hindu, a true devotee, a researcher, a reader and obviously by a person who misunderstands Lord Krishna as a characterless personality. As Krishna and Radha were playing the roles of both humans and Gods on this earth, I have presented them as humans for this story.

This is the story of some cowgirls and cowboys. They went Vrindavan, played, danced and exchanged love thorough songs and music. Radha was the top singer among the girls. But she could never beat Krishna. Especially, when Krishna played his flute, it gave feeling that whole world merged into the sweet sound of the flute. Some unmarried girls loved Krishna to marry with him. Radha was one of them. Krishna also loved Radha. Radha was 10 years elder than Krishna. She said herself, ‘One day is one year to me. God, when will the time to wait be over? When will the moment arrive in my house where I can find the little boy as prince of my dream?’
The story takes a bad twist when people misinterpret the love between divine power and human beings. A woman was scolded by her husband. Her husband said, ‘You talk about Krishna, sing for him, dance with him. Why don’t you elope with him?’ When a cowgirl dictated this story, Krishna became like a drunkard with frustration. He himself did not know what he was speaking. He was saying, ‘The world is so amazing. Some people are really bad.’

When time passed everything passed away. Radha asked Krishna, ‘Why are you so far with everyone?’ Krishna did not want to say any word. He could only say, ‘Everyone deceived me.’ Radha could not understand. Krishna said, ‘I want to go away from here. But I can’t leave you.’ Krishna was disappointed temporarily with some people.

Radha’s love stopped Krishna. However, Radha got scared thinking that one day Krishna might go far away from her. So she wanted to marry with him as soon as possible. But how can she marry with a little boy? She planned to marry secretly with him. She asked Krishna. Krishna also agreed. They married in Vrindavan and then promised that they would never expose it with anybody.

The story turned a wrong turn one day. Krishna said, ‘Radha, I am not a king.’ Krishna had dreamt of establishing a large palace on an Iceland and serving the helpless and needy people there. So he told Radha he was a king in reality. But Krishna had never thought that Radha would take the matter literally. Radha said, ‘ Question is not that you are a king or not. Question is that you are a liar or not. Go away Krishna. You are a liar. I can never forgive you. I can never love a liar like you.’ Krishna tried to convince Radha that he was not lying. He also begged for an excuse. But it went in vain.

Krishna was invited by Kansa in Mathura. Krishna made mind to go there and determined not to come back again. Even his mother Yasodha’s tears could not stop him. Krishna had asked Radha to give a final kiss on his forehead and he wanted to see the smiling face of Radha before leaving Gokul. On the way Radha came and gave a final kiss and smiled and smiled till Krishna is invisible from her sight.

Custom and Tradition of Nepal

This is the modern age of 21st century. However the footprints of conservative custom and tradition are still seen on the path of the society of Nepal. People being unaware and uneducated follow them blindly by underestimating the hidden cause of the practice of the conservative culture and tradition in the ancient time. Here is a short operation by the National Discovery on those sorts of super traditional practices in Nepal.

1. Is it sin to kill Brahmin?  Brahmin is regarded as the major and superior caste in Hindu Society. According to Hindu philosophy it is sin to kill Brahmin. So in the religious and historical stories, we often read Brahmins being forgiven even after committing major crime. Actually there is nothing true more than making all fool by the Brahmins to escape from the punishment with the help of such a rumor. It is sin to kill anyone. That is either Brahmin by caste or any other.
2. Can a widow marry? It is said that a widow can not marry throughout her life. If she gets married, it is a great sin. But it is also nothing more than making the custom by the men who feel extreme jealousies while they imagine their wife getting married and having sexual relation with any other.
3. Can we help spirit?  There is a system in the society of Nepal that the family of any dead man should offer cow, clothes, cot and other things to the priests believing that those things will be achieved by that dead man in heaven. It is clear that this is only a business of the priests.
4. Is Ghumto Pratha good? It is the custom prevalent in the Terai region of Nepal in which women cover their head, face before men. Actual source of this custom is the inner core of the heart of men where jealousy stays. As well as they want to prove themselves to be superior to women in the society.
5. Is king part of lord?  There is a ridiculous belief in Hinduism that king is the part of lord Vishnu. It is the praiseworthy trick and politics of the kings who modified and spread such a belief to save the kingship in the state.
6. Is Deuki Pratha a religion?  It is the system in Hinduism in which a girl child is offered to temple by the parents thinking that God will be happy with them. They believe that if they do so, they will reach heaven. Infect they can go only hell with this practice because many children are being abused in the temples by the priests. They are deprived of their child rights and human rights. Nowadays this practice is being vanished from the society as those offered girls are eloping with other boys from the temple.
7. Is Jhuma Pratha a religion?  This is also like Deuki Pratha but it belongs to Buddhism. Unlike Deuki Pratha Parents offer their girl child to the temple. She has to remain unmarried whole life and take care of the monastery. The priest called Lama of the monastery keeps illegal relation with her. The child born from her becomes Lama in future.
8. Is son necessary to reach heaven?  It is believed that son is a most to reach heaven. Actually this type of concept is developed while coffee talking about the quality of sons in the society.
9. Is child marriage a just?  It is said that if the girl child is married during her childhood, the parents will go to heaven. This type of custom was developed when people started searching quick ideas to get rid of their daughters.
10. Can a daughter feed parents?  It is said that a daughter should not feed her parents during their old age. This is 105% false. This concept is made to encourage gender inequality in the society.

At Last
This article has been written to aware the people and to remove the bad practices from the society of Nepal. There is not any intention to oppose or go against any caste, religion, custom, tradition and society. This is a totally secular article which has only aim to bring positive changes in the society through the internet.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Spirit Verses Psychological Disorder

Nar Bahadur was {he is no more} a 70 years old man staying in Dhulikhel of Nepal. This place is a hilly area and it is one of the inaccessible places in Nepal. The infrastructures are very poor. Nar Bahadur had 10 sons and 4 daughters {some have already died} with multiple wives. The amazing thing is that Nar Bahadur’s family numbers {sons, grand sons, daughters, sons in law etc} had reached more than 100.

After the eradication of some fatal diseases of terai region of Nepal, people started migrating from hills to terai. Nar Bahadur's family also migrated to terai. Nar Bahadur was a rich farmer. His family got due regard in the society. But the problems arise when some members of his family suffered from psychological disorders.

They were occasionally cured but the problems still cursed when other family members started to be mentally sick one by one. Nar Bahadur’s family members {matured and educated} came to the point that now the family has been attacked by Veer.

What is Veer? I asked a question to Mr. Govinda, one of the sons of Nar Bahadur. He said, ‘Veer is a kind of spirit which is made by the power of mantra. Playing with Veer is very dangerous. My father {Nar Bahadur} played with Veer by practicing tantra, mantra and then he controlled it. He could do many amazing things like running on the wall. His Veer was like a servant who always followed his command. That Veer used to do all works at home within a matter of second like spreading fertilizer in the field, shifting the sacks of paddy in the storehouse etc.

Mr. Govinda is a well qualified lecturer and campus chief with multiple degrees. He still believes on ghost, Veer, spirit and so on. His brother Hari Bahadur is a renowned politician in Nepal. I asked Mr. Hari Bahadur about it. He says, ‘Yes, I believe on the Veer.’ Hari Bahadur himself was suffering from mental diseases in the past. Now he is OK. I asked him, ‘What is the relation between the Veer and the mental problem of your family members?’ He explained, ‘Actually, when my father decided to shift family from hill to terai, he could not find the way to settle the Veer. Later, while coming from there, he settled the Veer inside a big tree on the way. So, that Veer troubled all members of our family from generation to generation. My own son had suffered. He is OK now. There are many members who are fully or partially troubled.’ Miss Mandira, the wife of Hari Bahadur says, ‘One of our relatives have already committed suicide. I think Veer made him commit suicide.’ Her husband Mr. Chakra Bahadur emphasized on Veer again, ‘It is heard that the tree where my father had berried the Veer, sometimes makes sounds so loudly that the people feel like whole earth is going to be blasted.’

Mr. Rajan, the son of Hari Bahadur believes that if the member does not follow the arrange marriage {it means they should marry any girl secretly running away without the approval of their parents} then the Veer can not attack the future children. Ravi, the son of Mr. Govinda agrees with it. Santa Bahadur, the eldest son of Nar Bahadur says, ‘The series of attack by veer can be stopped if one of the members of our family gives sacrifice of animal to our family deity. But the problem is that sacrificing is prohibited in our religion’

I took this matter to Dr. Ram Prapanna, who is a psychiatrist. I wanted to find the actual cause of the matter. He checked some members who had suffered in the past. He said, ‘Most of the family members are brilliant by their mind.’ Professionally, it is found that most of the members are playing leading role in their offices. They are really extra ordinary. Dr. Ram Prapanna says that the brilliant mind may be the cause of the disease. He says, ‘The disease has been transformed from one generation to another.’

I came to conclusion that there was no Veer and no any attack. Actually the problem was heredity. I support that the mental problem was transformed from one generation to another. After all, there is still a question. Where has the disease transformed from at first? The answer is easy. It came from Nar Bahadru himself. Being uneducated he believed on tantra, mantra, Veer etc. He heard several things about Veer in the community through conversation and folk stories. He tried his best to find and control Veer that was not real in the reality. Thinking deeply about it and concentrating his whole time in such unreal thing isolated him form the real world and he suffered from mental problem. His mentality affected his coming children and symptoms of psychological disorder appeared in them. Later it become so serious that they suffered from mental disease.

What is the final opinion? Before the discovery of medical science, people believed on spirit to cause mental problem. Some of them succeeded to cure it by traditional method like worshiping, sacrificing etc which nothing more than a power of subconscious mind followed by faith. However, there are lots of questions which even science can not answer. Is mental disease caused by spirit? It is still a question to research. I have already presented some examples of spirit attack to cause mental disease in this site. If you have something to share with us, feel free to comment this article.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Is Spirit Real?

What happens after death? The question is not less controversial. Our religious scriptures of different religions of the word clearly state that the spirit does not die even the body destroys. Lord Krishna says that as we change our clothes time to time, our spirit also changes its body. So spirit never dies. Here is an amazing event which advocates the existence of spirit even after the death of the person.

This is the event of 11 years ago which took place in the Karmaiya village of Sarlahi district of Narayani zone in Nepal. There is a school named Shree Mahendra Janata Higher Secondary School. A student named Saraswati used to study there. One day she accidentally fell into the deep well which was on the school ground. No one knows it. Later she was found there but as a dead body. It was a very painful event for all. After the event, the school made a temple of goddess Saraswati {goddess of knowledge in Hinduism} on the ground as the girl’s name was also Saraswati.

After 5 years of the event, everything was going normally. The school construction was going on. The school committee decided to destroy the temple of Saraswati and build a toilet there as there was no option. It was done soon. What happened there after? One of the then students Ranjana {name changed} says: ‘When the toilet was built in the place of temple, first of all one girl in our class named Mina {name changed} became mad. There after whichever girl went close to her, she also became mad. Many girls went mad there at the same time. There was fearful environment in the school. When teachers came, girls attacked them as they started hating all the males at the moment. After that each day more students started being mad. They used to be fine while staying at home. But later some students started being mad even at home. I too became serious and was locked in my room by my parents. I forced crazily to take me at school.’  The event was being hot news for media. While asking about the reason, Ranjana says further, ‘The main girl who was attacked first by the disease was saying madly that making toilet in place of the temple was the main cause of the event. The events will be continued till the temple is rebuilt.

The event took a serious turn when about 25 mad girls went to the road and walked randomly and started breaking the glasses of the buses. Even police could not control them easily. The then armed police officer Mr. Indra Kumar Upreti told to ‘National Discovery Channel’, ‘Yeah, I remember. It was very interesting event {laughs]. Many beautiful girls became mad each day in that school. They had blocked the road and started vandalizing the vehicles. We hardly could control them and take them to the hospital.’

How was the problem solved? One of the teacher of the school named Vijay says, ‘Some were taken to the hospitals and cured there. As the village was more superstitious some students were taken to the witch doctors and fortunately cured. However, some students were still serious in the village and hospital. The school was closed for uncertain period due to the increasing number of patients in the school. The school administration decided to build temple of goddess Saraswati in the school. The temple was started to be constructed. When the temple was constructed, the rest of the patients also became fine.

What is the reality? Is that due to the reason of making toilet in place of the temple? Is it real or only superstition? If it is only superstitious how did the intellectual teachers of the school become ready to build temple? How were the rest of the patients cured after making temple? These questions advocate the spirituality. However there are some questions still to be answered. Is that effect of the conversion disorder caused to the girls as they had already known the sad story of the student Saraswati? If it was only the spiritual cause how could medical science cure some patients even though the temple was not built? These questions are still the matter of research.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

Is God Really Existed?

Is God real? What is proof? Why is he not visible?  Many people are confused whether God is real or unreal. Why do God not appear once and give evidence of his existence?

One friend of mine asked me, "Do you believe God?"." Yes". I replied." Then why is he not visible if he is really existed? I don’t believe God because I have never seen him". He told me, ''we can't believe the thing which is not seen.’’ "Then don't you believe air? I think you have not seen air". I told him with a smile, “Why do you accept the existence of air if you have never seen it?" Then he said," I feel existence of air that’s why I believe air". Thereafter I smiled and told him, "Yes, as you feel air I feel God so I believe God'. Then he could not give any concrete answer.

There are many things existed in the world which is invisible but we believe them. Infect, God is always with us. Only we don’t recognize him. He looks similar to us. So we are not able to find him .If we open the pages of religious history from the beginning of satya yug God is all the time living with people. He also takes birth, becomes old and dies like us because he also follows the rules of nature. He comes to this world because there is always threat on truth and religion. He is present in this world so that He can save truth. Lord Krishna tells in Mahabharat that whenever there is threat on truth and religion he comes to this world to save the devotees.

We believe God is all the time and age living with us. Then why can't we find him? What are the ways of recognizing him? How can we see him in overcrowded mass of people? There is very simple way. Infect God is truth and truth is God. That’s the reason truth wins ultimately. Following the God means following the truth and following the truth means worshipping the God. God is inside the heart of everyone. So we can reach to God by giving service to anyone. God is almighty. His power has no limitation. God is one but he is omnipresent. He is living everywhere.
God comes on this earth in three forms:
a. Incarnation of God: This form of God deserves direct supernatural power. Lord Krishna is an example.
b. Messenger of God: This form of God deserves indirect supernatural power. Lord Buddha is an example.
c. Part of God: This form of God has no supernatural power. However they are god because they give service. Mahatma Gandhi is an example.

There is God because truth is God. Service is God. Love is God. Goodness is God. God gives service by living inside the heart of good people. So, good people are god. It can be good saying that Man is that who is like a man. Evil is that who is like an evil and God is that who is like a God.

What are the Proofs that God is Real?
Is God real? This is again same question to you. I know you have already got so many answers. I also know that you are not satisfied with any of those answers which you have got before. You may be a student, a teacher, a researcher, or a reader. Let me write some incidents which are absolutely true and can be a good source for you to research on this regards.

It happens to myself. I was about 16 years old.  I was very curious to find out the causes and proofs of anything I listened or saw in my surroundings. One day unbelievable incidents happened. I wanted to examine God whether he is existed or not. For practical, I prayed God to make 5 rupees in my room and I shut the door. After a while I opened the door. I was very surprised because I found 5 rupees on the bed.

I know you don’t believe this incident. I can not force you to believe whatever I write. But it should be clear that I do not dare to write false in my own website because I know how it can affect the prospective in the future.

Let us say another event. It happened with my sister. We were going to Katmandu city.  We were near Katmandu. She came to know that someone had stolen her purse. She was very anxious because the purse was full of money. Later while getting down from the bus, she again checked the bus. She found her purse lying under the seat of another. She told me that she had prayed God to return her purse.

Let us talk about the students, teacher and study. Teachers always say to students that they should learn to succeed in exam. There was a student in my village that spent more time for praying God to be first in class than he studies. Who can think it? He was never first in class. But at that time he stood first in the class. Then he thanked God for it.

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Don’t worry if you don’t. There is an interesting event that can help you. My friend loved a girl in one side. He was not able to say her about it because it was not possible. The girl was far different by economy, age and profession. My friend always asked the God for the love with her. Whichever temples he faced he asked only one thing that was the girl he loved. I told him that was not possible because there was land to sky difference between them. But he did not loose hope and kept on asking with God wherever he went. Ultimately the girl herself proposed him.

Drought began in my city. There was no possibility of rainfall. According to the traditional belief, some people made a rally and worshipped God in the city. Tomorrow in the morning, it started to rain. Then the problem of the drought was solved.

There are several incidents in the world which are similar to the events mentioned above. These events are telling us by shouting that there is God really existed in the universe. If you tell it’s just co-incidence then I have a question to you, one case may be co-incidence, another case may be co-incidence but if there are several examples then it can’t be categorized as co-incidence. Some people say they don’t believe God. If you don’t’ believe God, then why do you take his name when you are in danger, fear or problem? I think you fully believe on God at the moment.

10 Reasons Why You Must Believe That God Is Real
Do you believe on God? Is God real? Is God really existed? What are the reasons that we must believe that God is real? These questions may arise in your mind when someone starts discussion on God. Personally, I absolutely believe on God even though I am a teacher, researcher and lawyer I mean an educated person who requires scientific cause or definite argument before believing anything. Although no one has seen God, majority of the people in the world believe on God. Why? I have tried to make it clear.

- First of all, I want to remind one question here which most of the people ask when they don’t believe on God, i.e. what is the proof that God is real? I have very simple question, yes, definitely question for right answer, i.e. what is the proof that God is not real?
- There are many supernatural cases and events in the world which are out of the control of science and they have been interpreted as the miracles of God. Those events are so amazing and they advocate the existence of God.
- God, religion and religious stories are so complex that they can’t be artificially imagined by anyone. So they seem real and they are absolutely real.
- God, religion and religious beliefs are universally existed. They are found in every nook and corner of the world. There is no country where there is no influence of God and religion.
- Religion is ancient and traditional. God is not created overnight. Its belief is handed over from one generation to another. The first generation that started worshipping God must have seen God. So they handed over this belief to the next generation.
- God and religion can’t be categorized in the conservative belief because a mass of intellectuals, researchers and scientists believe on God.
- When you go through the religious stories of different Gods and Goddess, you will notice that God always wins in the war with evils. It proves that the Gods who fought with evils in past were really Gods.
- There are many predictions in the religious scriptures which are made by God and have come true in the latest time of the history.
- There are many historical, religious sources which can prove the existence of God in the universe.
-  The physical structure of the universe is very vast and amazing which must be made and controlled by God.
Discovered by +Don Prince

When is Kalki Avatar Coming to this World?

National Discovery Channel was planning a long discovery on end of the world. About 4 months, the official discoverers of the online channel planned only. They couldn't start discovery as there was no source, no beginning point and no final destination. They knew they were not in search of a discovery which the present science said. They were in search of such a new discovery, secret clue that is most trustworthy, scientific as well as spiritual. I, Don Prince, excitedly decide to start the research when I found some clues about it.

Our first interviewee was Nikita Gupta {name changed}. She was a Nepali student staying at the border of Nepal and India. We reached there. Actually I had read her auto diary through one of her friend where someone had dropped clues about end of the world. I searched out the entire history of that man. His name was Ajay Sharma {name changed} who was a teacher by profession. The girl Nikita described, ‘Ajay sir taught us about 3 years. He could say the future.’ I asked to Nikita, ‘How could you say that his prediction is true?’ She replied. ‘Because he told many predictions which came to true. Sometimes, he could forecast even the future after 1 hour.’

According to Ajay, the end of the world is not so far from us. The world will end within 2085 AD. How can anyone say that the world will end within 2085 AD? Isn't it ridiculous? Now Ajay became part and parcel of our discovery.

We found some articles written by Ajay in the internet. By analyzing his articles we guessed that he knows many things about the end of the world and he was not lying. Anyhow, we had to talk with Ajay. We reached to Ajay. It was very exciting part of our discovery that we were talking with him.

We asked him for an interview on the matter. He smiled and said, ‘What is the value of your interview? Who believes your discovery? Who believes my words? Why to waste time?’ ‘No sir, people believe or not, it is on their own hand. But we surely believe your words. That's why we have come to you.’ ‘OK, what you want to know you can ask me.’

‘It is heard that you can predict future, is it true?’ ‘Yes, there are some people with psychic power in the world who know the future’s event. I am one of them. I think it is not amazing thing for anyone.’ ‘Are we dying on 21st December 2012?’ ‘Actually the world was going to end in 2012 but it won’t end, just say that 2012 was not a bad time for us.’

‘Is it true that our world is going to end within 2085 AD?’ ‘Yes, the world will end with several reasons {earthquake, volcano etc}, especially by religious as well as political war. But it does not mean that the world will completely finish and there won’t be the existence of the earth. World will remain existed but a large portion of the land and population will be destroyed in the war. About 25% people will remain alive and new era will begin which will bring peace and goodness for a long time.  God may have already come to this world to begin truthful life by saving true people in this war.’

‘How can we recognize the God who may have come to save us? ‘He is like a human being and lives exactly {without affecting the rules made by him} as a human being. So it is very difficult to recognize him in the crowd of people. After all, the most convincing part of his recognition is that he deserves unlimited supernatural power.'

Science says that the world was very advanced in the past which was collapsed in course of time and now again this life was begun on the earth.

Regarding the origin and the ultimate fate of the universe, the most reliable theory in Physics 'The General Theory of  Relativity' postulated by Einstein predicts that the universe began from the Big Bang and it will end in a black hole. And the equation based on the theory indicates that a new universe will be creating at the same time in the other side of the black hole simultaneously. This is called Big Bounce.

Hindu says that this is Kaliyug which is the final era. The tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu named Kalki will come to this world and fight with evils. Lord Krishna has told in the holy book of Hindus called Geeta, ‘When sins cross the boundary, I will come to this world to save religion.’

In the other hand, Mayan calendar {a calendar made my Mayans} is also going to end. The interesting thing {noted by myself} is that the Kaliyug and Mayan calendar have started from the same time, i.e. 25 thousand years ago. Mayan calendar is going to end in 2012. Hindu philosophy says the age of Kaliyug is 25 thousand years. It means Kaliyug also may be ending. The world also may be ending either it is in 2012 or within 2085.

It is universal truth that anything which has beginning ends one day and then again it begins another day. Let us see what happens in future. Who knows when is Kalki Avatar coming to this world?

Disclaimer: This article had been written before 21 December, 2012 and is quite trustworthy. However, it has been slightly modified and dramatized to give interesting experience to the readers. Use your own conscience.

Discovered by Don Prince, Prem Darshan and Sujan Kshetry

Is Ram Bahadur Bomjon Reincarnation of Lord Buddha?

I found lots of articles and people searching on the web about Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also called the Buddha Boy born in Nepal which is the birth place of Gautam Buddha. Coincidentally, the name of the mother of this Buddha Boy is also Mayadevi. There are a number of websites and blogs on the web which narrate stories of Ram Bahadur Bomjon. It is pretty good to inform you that Ratanpur, Nepal, birth place of Ram Bahadur Bomjon is just 10 km far from my hometown. This fact obliged me to write at least a single article about him. Even though, my words in this article about Ram Bahadur Bomjon are not my personal thoughts. What I believe and what I don't about Ram Bahadur Bomjon is part of another article. In this article I am writing those things about him which I knew from ave news, a news television of Nepal, Prateek Daily, a local Magazine from Birgunj  and some local people talking about him. So you can read and believe this article by using your own conscience.

This Buddha boy was highlighted by national and international Medias when he began his mysterious meditation without food and water on 16th May 2005. Discovery Channel also broadcasted a 45 minutes documentary about him. Then, thousand of devotees, researchers and common people began to flood in the Ratanpur Jungle to visit this new Buddha. People believed him as reincarnation of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. His parents narrated his story of childhood as divine story. A specialized website was also created on him.

Buddha Boy's popularity declined with time. Several rumors began to be heard in the community. Mostly negative messages spread. I collected some stories scattered in the society. Some of them are listed below:

@ Sometimes it was heard that he beat villagers as they troubled him.

@ Some people said that he had attacked people with a sword.

@ He also tried to stop the sacrifice in Gadimai Mela where the largest numbers of sacrifices are given. So the people of Mela Committee went against him.      

@ The media burned the news that his protecting committee kidnapped a foreign girl.

@ He attacked 15 journalists. Their cameras also were destroyed.

Lately, Ram Bahadur Bomjon's two storied building had been found in the Halkhoriya forest where he was staying for a long time. The government officials blames that his frequently moving nature has caused deforestation. The ave news reports that  his supporters also demanded citizenship in the name of religion. They also demanded Red Passport for him. Prateek Daily says that Nepal Police have already decided to destroy the constructed buildings in Halkhoria Jungle. He has left the jungle on 32nd Jestha, 2069 BS. Now the construction has been totally destroyed by the Nepal police. But he has not come back yet. He is actually staying in Sindhuli district of Nepal.

Now let’s come to the main point. Is Ram Bahadur Bomjon reincarnation of Buddha? Ram Bahadur Bomjon himself has denied the fact that he is the reincarnation of Buddha. However he says that he has been enlightened like Buddha after his long meditation. So, he has been preaching his teachings. What does he say about those rumors spread around the world?  What is the real truth? Why is the Buddha Boy quiet? {see the latest update about Ram Bahadur}I think Ram Bahadur Bomjon himself should clarify what is right and what is wrong on the rumors spread about him.
Discovered by Don Prince

Is There Hell?

Hell is the unwanted place where one goes after death if he or she has committed sins in life. Otherwise he reaches to heaven or paradise. Is it true? Is there hell?

Hell is the kingdom of king Yamaraj who is also called the God of Death in Hinduism. The soldiers of King Yamaraj give severe punishment to the sinners. Hell is really hell. Is there really existence of hell?

Yes, there is hell. You wonder to know that hell is nowhere except on the earth. Do not worry, there is heaven too. You will get the life of hell or heaven, it depends on you. If you do well today, you will live the life of heaven tomorrow. If you do evil today, you will have to live the life of hell tomorrow. It’s in our own hand to make your life to be hell or heaven.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Is Mira Reincarnation of Radha?

Mira is not a new name in Hindu Philosophy. She is known to be reincarnation of Radha. History tells that even emperor Asoka rushed to visit her in Vrindavan taking her as the reincarnation of Radha. Is Mira really reincarnation of Radha?

As far as in my knowledge, Mira is really reincarnation of Radha. There is no concrete proof. But when one reads her life story, can feel that she is the reincarnation of Radha.Because it can be only Radha who loved Krishna so much.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Temple of Mahadevsthan

Mahadevsthan {the place of lord Mahadev} is a temple located at Purano Nijgadh of Bara District in Nepal. This temple has high potentiality for spiritual discoverers as well as tourism industries. But this is unknown to the world as there has never been any discovery over this temple. Neither is there any article found in the internet. I visited this temple trying exposing it to the world.

The main spiritual feature of this temple is that the idol of the temple is not made artificially. It is believed that it emerged itself. Then a temple was made there. The temple consists of several deities of the Hindu religion. However lord Mahadev is the main lord worshiped here as the name of the temple itself represents this fact. After interviewing some local intellectuals, it is found that the temple is famous for the fulfillment of the desires of devotees by lord after visiting it. I noticed another strange thing that the temple is located at the bank of a river called Bakaiya. The flood coming from time to time in this river has cut the surrounding land of this temple but it has not touched the area where the temple is located. General inhabitants reported National Discovery Channel that it was all by the spiritual power of lord of the temple.

This temple is also famous for its religious tolerance as an idol of lord Buddha is also worshiped here. People also reported that there is special fair in this temple during the time of some festivals such as Teej, Shiva Ratri {Shiva is another name of Mahadev} etc. Some hermits living here permanently with their classical dress and life style are very amazing.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Secret of Masto God

Masto is living God of Nepal. It is said when Masto God enters into the body of a witchdoctor, the witchdoctor can perform various divinely wonders, for example, dipping hands into boiling oil, breaking an iron chain, uttering future, etc. Is that true? Yes, obviously. But what is the actual secret of those powers?

Masto God is the main deity of Khas people. They are found in the villages of Karnali, Seti and Mahakali zone. There is no specific statue of Masto God. This God is believed to be transformed into a witchdoctor. When the witchdoctor performs extraordinary power people in the villages have no choice to accept him as a god. Especially in Diwali festival, there is special worshiping of Masto God.

Some intellectuals say that Masto tradition is nothing more than a superstition born with the misinterpretation of the psychic power. They agree that till now science has no answer of those divine powers but they say they are sure that the cause of those powers is the result of power of psychology or this is backed by Science. Now it is said that the tradition has declined due to the modern influence.
Discovered by +Don Prince 

Sati Cursed Nepal

Bhimsen Thapa, the first prime minister of Nepal was a patriot leader. He is the prime minister ruling the longest period as prime minister in Nepal. It was exactly Bhimsen Thapa who fought Anglo Nepal War in 1814 AD.

But the end of Bhimsen Thapa was very tragic. He was imprisoned and told that his wife would have to walk naked on the street in the very next day. He then committed suicide and left the world forever.
His wife’s name was Sati. Sati cursed Nepal saying may Nepal never get peace and prosperity in future. Today Sati is not living with us. But may be her curse is still alive.

Sati is also the first wife of Lord Mahadev who burned herself in the answer of the dishonor made upon her husband by her father.But the wife of Bhimsen Thapa is a different character. However some people in Nepal are still confused whether who Sati was.

Mt. Everest Lies in Nepal not in China

It's funny to say that in the past both Nepal and China had no interest on Mt. Everest. When a foreigner found that Mt. Everest is the highest peak of the world, both countries began to claim on this peak. As Mt. Everest was inside the boundary of Nepal, China had no option to accept the fact.

Today, Nepal is not so popular out of Asia like China . So many people are confused about the country of Mt. Everest. Although China does not claim and spread rumor about Mt. Everest, people are still confused because Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest is a small and developing county. For the kind information of all, it is already written fact in political history of the world that Mt. Everest is in Nepal.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Buddha Was Born in Nepal Not in India

Nepal is a small country between India and China. Being a developing country it is not properly recognized in the world. So sometimes some confusing and controversial issues come out regarding Lord Buddha and Nepal.

Some people think that Buddha was born in India which is completely wrong. It is true that Buddha was enlighten in India. But he was born in Lumbini which is in Nepal.
Discovered by +Don Prince

When Own House Becomes Jail

Him Bahadur says, ‘My daughter is closed inside a room in my own house. She is living a life like an animal. Whenever I see her I don’t want to work at all.’

Jambalaya Puna, the daughter of Him Bahadur Puna, resident of Parbat, Nepal has been closed in a room for 10 years. She is only one daughter of Him Bahadur. She was a healthy girl before her marriage. Her bad life started when she ran away and married with a boy. After four years, she was left by her husband. Then she became mentally sick and came to this condition. Her mother Seti says, ‘Initially she used to talk alone in a room. Now she does not speak at all. Neither can she move her hands and legs. She can’t’ even go to latrine.’

Jaumaya's brother Ganesh Puna says to the Kantipur Daily, ‘We tried to give her treatment at Om Hospital of Pokhara. We took debt and tried to cure her. But all went in vain. Now we don’t have money to try again.’
Discovered by +Don Prince

Nepal: A Political Laboratory

Nepal is a political laboratory. It is proved in the history. Nepal exercises many types of political systems in course of time. There are some examples.
1. Republic System- Starting from 2065 BS and still going on
2. Constitutional Monarchy- From 2046 BS to 2062 BS
3. Party-less Panchayat System- From 2017 to 2046 BS
4. Autocratic Rana Rule- From 1903 to 2007 BS
5. Unitary System- Before 2062
6. Federal System- After 2062 BS
7. General Election- Started from 2015 BS
8. Referendum- 2037 BS
9. Constituent Assembly- 2064 BS

Now Nepal is in process of planning to apply another practice regarding choosing Prime Minister of the country. May God bless Nepal, the political laboratory of the informal and old students of Political Science.
Discovered by +Don Prince

Wonderful Meaning of Dream in Nepalese Society

The secret of Dream has been already explored by Science. After all, the word Dream is still a topic of research. In this article, I have tried to help dream interpreters and researchers in some extend by serving some traditional beliefs about Dream in Nepalese society.

Baby in Dream- If you see a baby child in your dream, it’s a ghost tricking you that can make you fall sick.
Marriage in Dream- If you or someone else is getting married in dream, it is the symbol of Death. The person who sees such a dream may die soon.
Eating Rice- The person who is eating in your dream may be injured with accident.
Playing with Stool- If you are playing with stool especially that of a child then you will get money.
Flying- If you are flying in your dream, think that your life span has been increased.

There are many such beliefs in Nepalese society. They are real or only superstition, is controversial. However majority of people believe it. I think this controversy can be settled only if there is concrete research on it.
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Hindu Gods and Goddesses

It is said that there are more Gods than worshipers in Hinduism. It is an amazing fact that almost everything is worshiped in Hinduism. Here is a short list of living and non living things which are worshiped as God and Goddess in Hinduism.
Cow- Cow is regarded as goddess Laxmi. Goddess Laxmi is the consort of lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is the supreme God in Hinduism. Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha etc are incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
Stone- A special type of stone is found in the area of Muktinath pilgrimage in Nepal. This stone is worshiped as a God by Hindus. This is black in color. The name of this God is Salikram. It is found in the bank of river. One can find gold inside it.
Snake- Snake is worshiped as Naag in Hinduism. It is regarded as Balaram, brother of lord Krishna. Naag is worshiped especially in Naag Panchami, a festival of Hindu. People paste the photo of Naag on the door believing that snake won’t bite them.
Sun- Sun is a prominent God in Hinduism. It is also called Surya Narayan. Narayan is another name of lord Vishnu.
Tulasi plant- Tulasi plant is a type of plant. It is also worshiped by Hindus. It is planted in the courtyard. It is a secret plant which is nice in taste.
Air- Air is worshiped with the name of Varun Dev which is one of the members of heaven where King Indra Dev rule.
Fire- Fire is called Agni Dev in Hinduism which is one of the members of heaven.
Machine- Machine is regarded as lord Vishwakarma. He is also called Vishwakarma Baba as he is imagined to be very old. He is worshiped especially in the occasion of Vishwakarma Puja.
Earth- Earth is worshiped as Dhartimata in Hinduism. Dharti means earth, Mata means mother.
Water- Water is called Jal Devata in Hinduism.
River- River is worshiped with the name of Ganga. The most respectable and important character of Mahabharata, Bhishmapita is the son of river Ganga. River Ganga is existed in India.
Book- Book is regarded as goddess Saraswati. She is goddess of knowledge. She is worshiped especially in Saraswati Puja festival which is also called Shree Panchami.
Banyan Tree- Banyan tree is worshiped by Hindus in temples.
Bull- Bull is called Nandi which is the server of lord Mahadev.
Hill- It is worshiped as Gobardan Parbat. The system of worshiping Parwat was initiated by lord Krishna.
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Is Balram Incarnation of Vishnu?

I found some people being confused with a question, i.e. who was the 9th  incarnation of lord Vishnu? Before I write anymore let me introduce Balaram.

Balaram was the son of Vasudev and Rohini. He was the step brother of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was the son of Vasudev and Devaki. Both Devaki and Rohini were the wives of Vasudev. Here you should not be confused; Lord Krishna is also called Vasudev.

As we know that Krishna was 8th incarnation of lord Vishnu. Balaram was elder than Krishna. How can Balaram be 9th? What comes first, 8th or 9th? Epics say that Balaram was the incarnation of Shesh Naag.
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Religious Places of Bara District of Nepal

Bara district is not a less potential place in tourism point of view. Simraungadh is historically significant. There are many places which are religiously important. Some of the religious places of Bara District:
1. Gadimai Temple- It is situated in Bariyarpur VDC. Gadimai fair takes place each after five years where the largest number of sacrifice is done.
2. Churiyamai Temple- It is the boundary of Bara and Makawanpur district. A number of people visit this temple for different purposes like marriage, Vakal {vow} etc.
3. Shree Jeetpur Gadimai Temple- This temple is situated in Chhata Pipara. A fair takes place during each Dashain festival.
4. Ranibas Temple- This temple is made by Jagat Janga Rana, son of Junga Bahadur Rana.
5. Kankali Temple- It was made by king Girwanyuddha Shah. It is situated in Simrongadh.
6. Sahajnath Mahadev Temple- It is situated in Haraiya VDC. Each year a fair takes place. People come from far and wide places.
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