The secret of Dream has been already explored by Science. After all, the word Dream is still a topic of research. In this article, I have tried to help dream interpreters and researchers in some extend by serving some traditional beliefs about Dream in Nepalese society.

Baby in Dream- If you see a baby child in your dream, it’s a ghost tricking you that can make you fall sick.
Marriage in Dream- If you or someone else is getting married in dream, it is the symbol of Death. The person who sees such a dream may die soon.
Eating Rice- The person who is eating in your dream may be injured with accident.
Playing with Stool- If you are playing with stool especially that of a child then you will get money.
Flying- If you are flying in your dream, think that your life span has been increased.

There are many such beliefs in Nepalese society. They are real or only superstition, is controversial. However majority of people believe it. I think this controversy can be settled only if there is concrete research on it.
Discovered by +Don Prince