Him Bahadur says, ‘My daughter is closed inside a room in my own house. She is living a life like an animal. Whenever I see her I don’t want to work at all.’

Jambalaya Puna, the daughter of Him Bahadur Puna, resident of Parbat, Nepal has been closed in a room for 10 years. She is only one daughter of Him Bahadur. She was a healthy girl before her marriage. Her bad life started when she ran away and married with a boy. After four years, she was left by her husband. Then she became mentally sick and came to this condition. Her mother Seti says, ‘Initially she used to talk alone in a room. Now she does not speak at all. Neither can she move her hands and legs. She can’t’ even go to latrine.’

Jaumaya's brother Ganesh Puna says to the Kantipur Daily, ‘We tried to give her treatment at Om Hospital of Pokhara. We took debt and tried to cure her. But all went in vain. Now we don’t have money to try again.’
Discovered by +Don Prince