Unanswered Questions in Hinduism

Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world. So, it is a mysterious religion. There are some puzzles in this religion which still need research for proper understanding. In this article I mention some unanswered questions.

Q.1. All of us know Ramayana and obviously Lord Ram. We also know that Lord Ram was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is almighty God. In Ramayana story, when Ram’s beloved wife Sita was kidnapped, Ram ran here and there in search of Sita. He was unknown who had kidnapped Sita. Later he was informed by Jatayu. Now I have a question that if Ram is Lord Vishnu, why can’t he know where Sita was?

Q.2. Lord Krishna is most popular God in Hinduism. In the mythological story, Krishna did not know who his real parents were. He did not know that his real parents were imprisoned by Kansa for long years. We know Krishna is also the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. If he is almighty Lord Vishnu, why was he in confusion about his parents?

Q.3. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna Charitra, etc are the famous and real stories. Krishna Charitra is all about India. Mahabharata is the story of Indian territories. Ramayana is also centralized in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. There is no story about USA, England, Australia, Japan etc in Hinduism. Is it because of lack of transportation facility like aero plane, train and sheep?

Q.4. Rahu is not so popular in Hindu mythology. But if you have watched some religious serials you may have noticed a character that has only head in the name of physical representation. How can he live without respiratory system?

Q.5.You may have seen a Puspak Biman also which is used by Gods to go one place to another. If you are confused, let me tell you it is a vehicle which flies in the sky. Think that it is an aero plane before Right Brothers. I want to ask a question, how can a vehicle fly in the sky without engine, pilot and fuel?

There are confusions not only in Hinduism. We find many unanswered questions in many religions of the world that really need research.

The goal of this article is not killing the belief of the people on their religions. I myself am a follower of God {Hinduism} and I don't question on my religion. I only mean to say through this article that we must research and clear our doubts so that we have deeper faith on our God and religion.
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  1. these are the clues to the future

  2. May be, thanks for the comment.

  3. You have raised good question brother About GOD.Fist of all I would like to tell you that our understanding of god is different.
    I would like to make your understanding clear.
    First of all don’t think about how Ramayan and Mahabharata has been visualize on TV.The Reality
    Is little different in scriptures.
    So first of all I would like to answer the first and second question.
    As it was happened there That Goddess Sita was kidnapped by King Ravana.Everything was created for its certain purpose.Lord Ram took birth on earth for making earth free from evil powers.He was A god in the body of a human.The purpose of taking birth in the human body was to teach the society how to be righteous throughout the life in all kinds of circumstances.
    So,he can take weapon and can kill directly all the demons in a flash of time but during whole process he have to meet Mother shabri ,he have to teach troops of monkey that how to be righteous there also the killing bali,ther was certain task assigned to every point of time in the way of reaching SIta.If he will expose himself as god then there was no way to teach humans how to live like a righteous person in all kinds of circumstances through out the life.
    Answer to the third and fifth question
    Follow this link brother
    And in case you it doesn’t clear your doubt. I want to tell you we were all over the world that time.before some years in Turkey it was found that symbols of our God engraved in rocks Indra surya and one more.the rock was then diagonised by carbon dating and found its since time immemorial.
    Our Hinduism is full of science Ayurveda, Yoga,Pranayametc all have significance in our life
    Turmeric is used as anti oxidant,used for stomach and skins.Now in research came out tulsi leaves is the only possible way to treat cancer like this why do we use cow dungs,ghee,mango leaves all have significance I cant tell this all here.
    And your fourth question answer is , as u have seen in videos it wasn’t like that Amrit(Nectar) was drunk by one of the demons called rahu and his head was beheaded so just his head was in living form according to scriptures he cant speak even just his headed was in living for and and it was in the live form just organs remains same eyes,nose all are senseless.

    ALL your doubts cant be answered here for this you have to go through scriptures,just don’t search online find it in book shops,or many organistation are there in uttarakand,
    Hope you may get little vision in the understanding of the god,because with him all things are possible and without him all things are difficult ,.


    2. Maharaj!! one more question- if Kansa knew that Devaki's 8th child was going to kill him, WHY THE HELL DID HE PUT VASUDEV AND DEVAKI IN THE SAME CELL ?

    3. Bcz vasudeva promise to give all the childrens to kamsa. Kamsa like to kill the child whom it actually born for kill kamsa.

  4. I have some doubts..i wil b very happy if they are answered.
    1. Why all the hindu gods took birth in india only
    2. Why all gods were born in rich families..??no god in poor!!
    3.everything is mentioned in the scriptures like how paravati prepared laddoos.how lord ganesha ate them..but when scriptures ended..their life also ended???.are they still alive..? What are they doing now??
    I would b glad to know d answers.. Im searching fr them since long time.

    1. Lord krishna was never born in rich family, Mahadev never belongs to any rich family many more are there

    2. 1.not only the India all the places in the earth is good, but at the same time when we are like to read in my own home I have some favorite place to read, when I like to sleep I like to sleep in bedroom, similarly when god like to come on earth he choose the place like India.just like all the states of our country is controlled by central govt.
      2.first you want to understand the meaning of god (bhagavan)
      one who is full in six opulences, who has full strength, full fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty and renunciation, is Bhagavan, or the Supreme Personality of Godhead

      3.scriptures means its given the knowledge of the supreme who is the controller, the real goal of the scripture is surrender us to god.

      I hope my answer satisfy you..
      For your doubt's write me or mail me on brthksna87@gmail.com

  5. I have some questions to ask..and il b very happy if they are answered.
    1.why all the hindu gods took birth in india
    2,why all the gods were born in rich families..??no one in a poor family??
    3.everything is mentioned in scriptures like how parvati prepared laddos..how ganesha ate them..how narad used to gossip.etc..but where are they all now..are they alive?..what are they doing now?
    Il b glad to know e answers..thnk u

  6. Hellow My Friend. 'A little knowledge is too dangerous'. not all gods born in india. before 1st B.C. india was very larger. and probably you herd about 'Yugas' i mean four Yugas. after each yuga there was total destruction of the earth. currently we are in first phase of Kaliyuga. and they(parvati. ganesh. etc) were born in satyuga. satyuga is the only period when god borns on earth. not in all yugas god born and do some miracles. you should find 'Calculation Of Four Yugas' on google if you don'r want to beleive my statement. can you tell me how mr. tulsidas calculated distance between earth and sun without any scientific equipment. pls do research on 'Science In Hinduism' from google and than try to ask ur quries. thanks

  7. if Kansa knew that Devaki's 8th child was going to kill him, WHY THE HELL DID HE PUT VASUDEV AND DEVAKI IN THE SAME CELL ?

  8. 1ans:when Vishnu ji incartion in form of ram (human beings ) learn all things from his Guru. Vishnu formation in other dimensions of universe . There is very much restrictions created by God about his incartnation on earth/nature. So he don't know about Sita ' site. Or may not using mantra /power to know the current position of Sita.