Mahadevsthan {the place of lord Mahadev} is a temple located at Purano Nijgadh of Bara District in Nepal. This temple has high potentiality for spiritual discoverers as well as tourism industries. But this is unknown to the world as there has never been any discovery over this temple. Neither is there any article found in the internet. I visited this temple trying exposing it to the world.

The main spiritual feature of this temple is that the idol of the temple is not made artificially. It is believed that it emerged itself. Then a temple was made there. The temple consists of several deities of the Hindu religion. However lord Mahadev is the main lord worshiped here as the name of the temple itself represents this fact. After interviewing some local intellectuals, it is found that the temple is famous for the fulfillment of the desires of devotees by lord after visiting it. I noticed another strange thing that the temple is located at the bank of a river called Bakaiya. The flood coming from time to time in this river has cut the surrounding land of this temple but it has not touched the area where the temple is located. General inhabitants reported National Discovery Channel that it was all by the spiritual power of lord of the temple.

This temple is also famous for its religious tolerance as an idol of lord Buddha is also worshiped here. People also reported that there is special fair in this temple during the time of some festivals such as Teej, Shiva Ratri {Shiva is another name of Mahadev} etc. Some hermits living here permanently with their classical dress and life style are very amazing.
Discovered by +Don Prince