Mr. Amit Baral had been lying on the bed for a week due to an illness. After the departure of a witchdoctor National Discovery Channel reached there. ‘Mr. Amit, can you explain me what had actually happened with you?’ Then he started staring towards me and began to speak, ‘it was midnight, I was alone in my room. I heard a strange sound coming from out of the window. I quietly opened windows, and then I saw a lady under the tree. She was cloth less and playing with some bones surrounding her with several lambs. Suddenly she saw me and ran towards me by eating the bone. Then I screamed and fell into unconsciousness.’

Dr. Barma from India says that there can be three reasons behind it. First, the nude lady could be a real witch because there many questions in the world which can’t be answered by science. The second thing is that it may be only superstition in the village. The lady may have been trying witchcraft which is not existed in the world. The third reason is that it may be only the illusion of Mr Amit. Or say, it is a kind of psychological disorder where the patient sees what he fears about.’

Although modern society does not believe on witch, there are several incidents like this in the society. Infect, punishing a woman in the name of witch is not a just. It needs lots of research to prove or do not prove witch in the society.
Discovered by +Don Prince