Nar Bahadur was {he is no more} a 70 years old man staying in Dhulikhel of Nepal. This place is a hilly area and it is one of the inaccessible places in Nepal. The infrastructures are very poor. Nar Bahadur had 10 sons and 4 daughters {some have already died} with multiple wives. The amazing thing is that Nar Bahadur’s family numbers {sons, grand sons, daughters, sons in law etc} had reached more than 100.

After the eradication of some fatal diseases of terai region of Nepal, people started migrating from hills to terai. Nar Bahadur's family also migrated to terai. Nar Bahadur was a rich farmer. His family got due regard in the society. But the problems arise when some members of his family suffered from psychological disorders.

They were occasionally cured but the problems still cursed when other family members started to be mentally sick one by one. Nar Bahadur’s family members {matured and educated} came to the point that now the family has been attacked by Veer.

What is Veer? I asked a question to Mr. Govinda, one of the sons of Nar Bahadur. He said, ‘Veer is a kind of spirit which is made by the power of mantra. Playing with Veer is very dangerous. My father {Nar Bahadur} played with Veer by practicing tantra, mantra and then he controlled it. He could do many amazing things like running on the wall. His Veer was like a servant who always followed his command. That Veer used to do all works at home within a matter of second like spreading fertilizer in the field, shifting the sacks of paddy in the storehouse etc.

Mr. Govinda is a well qualified lecturer and campus chief with multiple degrees. He still believes on ghost, Veer, spirit and so on. His brother Hari Bahadur is a renowned politician in Nepal. I asked Mr. Hari Bahadur about it. He says, ‘Yes, I believe on the Veer.’ Hari Bahadur himself was suffering from mental diseases in the past. Now he is OK. I asked him, ‘What is the relation between the Veer and the mental problem of your family members?’ He explained, ‘Actually, when my father decided to shift family from hill to terai, he could not find the way to settle the Veer. Later, while coming from there, he settled the Veer inside a big tree on the way. So, that Veer troubled all members of our family from generation to generation. My own son had suffered. He is OK now. There are many members who are fully or partially troubled.’ Miss Mandira, the wife of Hari Bahadur says, ‘One of our relatives have already committed suicide. I think Veer made him commit suicide.’ Her husband Mr. Chakra Bahadur emphasized on Veer again, ‘It is heard that the tree where my father had berried the Veer, sometimes makes sounds so loudly that the people feel like whole earth is going to be blasted.’

Mr. Rajan, the son of Hari Bahadur believes that if the member does not follow the arrange marriage {it means they should marry any girl secretly running away without the approval of their parents} then the Veer can not attack the future children. Ravi, the son of Mr. Govinda agrees with it. Santa Bahadur, the eldest son of Nar Bahadur says, ‘The series of attack by veer can be stopped if one of the members of our family gives sacrifice of animal to our family deity. But the problem is that sacrificing is prohibited in our religion’

I took this matter to Dr. Ram Prapanna, who is a psychiatrist. I wanted to find the actual cause of the matter. He checked some members who had suffered in the past. He said, ‘Most of the family members are brilliant by their mind.’ Professionally, it is found that most of the members are playing leading role in their offices. They are really extra ordinary. Dr. Ram Prapanna says that the brilliant mind may be the cause of the disease. He says, ‘The disease has been transformed from one generation to another.’

I came to conclusion that there was no Veer and no any attack. Actually the problem was heredity. I support that the mental problem was transformed from one generation to another. After all, there is still a question. Where has the disease transformed from at first? The answer is easy. It came from Nar Bahadru himself. Being uneducated he believed on tantra, mantra, Veer etc. He heard several things about Veer in the community through conversation and folk stories. He tried his best to find and control Veer that was not real in the reality. Thinking deeply about it and concentrating his whole time in such unreal thing isolated him form the real world and he suffered from mental problem. His mentality affected his coming children and symptoms of psychological disorder appeared in them. Later it become so serious that they suffered from mental disease.

What is the final opinion? Before the discovery of medical science, people believed on spirit to cause mental problem. Some of them succeeded to cure it by traditional method like worshiping, sacrificing etc which nothing more than a power of subconscious mind followed by faith. However, there are lots of questions which even science can not answer. Is mental disease caused by spirit? It is still a question to research. I have already presented some examples of spirit attack to cause mental disease in this site. If you have something to share with us, feel free to comment this article.
Discovered by +Don Prince